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March 9, 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow’s International Women’s Day Was Better Than Yours


Gwyneth Paltrow somehow managed to celebrate International Women’s Day and still make women everywhere feel bad about their lives. That takes talent, folks!

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt continue to surprise patients at children’s hospitals because they’re the goddamn best.

-I don’t think I would have survived this Monday without repeat viewings of Ryan Gosling’s dance videos — or his tweet about them.

John Mayer regrets being such a dick to his ex-girlfriends in interviews, saying he’s a “recovering ego addict”  but he’s all cured now so forgives-ies, k?

-Vulture details what it’s like to spend an afternoon with Andrew Keegan, former teen heartthrob turned cult leader. (Spoiler alert: it’s f–king weird.)

-Don’t worry, menfolk! Sony is also making a new Ghostbusters just for you!

Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones’ Brienne) walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week like the goddess that she is.

-Speaking of GoT, Tyrion faces his first dragon in the new trailer.

-I really liked reading this oral history on “Love’s Labor Lost” (aka the episode where we all fell in love with ER and then spent the next decade hoping it would reach those heights again until suddenly we looked up and realized the only person left on the show was the ginger who played Bailey’s BFF on Party of Five…)

-This outtake from tomorrow’s Mindy Project with Stephen Colbert is all kinds of funny.

Lena Dunham says she stopped using Twitter and gets her assistant to post for her now because she was getting so many threats: “It became a little too much.” Twitter owns my heart, but I always wonder how famous people (esp women) can deal with the nutters.

-Speaking of online threats, Emma Watson says that’s what motivated her to speak out about feminism. Bless her face.

-I don’t watch Empire but star Jussie Smollett talking about his sexuality on Ellen was pretty damn boss.

-Cinderella’s Lily James would like you to stop discussing her teeny tiny corseted waist. I guess we’ll just have to find something else that defies the laws of nature to gab about…

Sean Penn gives the Sean Penn-iest response to critics of his green card Oscar joke, saying “I’m surprised by the flagrant stupidity. In fact, I have a big f— you for…anybody who is so stupid not to have gotten the irony when you have a country that is so xenophobic.” God, what a charm bomb.

-The Good Wife boss says Alicia and Kalinda are being kept separate on purpose. For, you know, reasons. I’m sure those reasons totally have nothing to do with the actresses.

-Just in case Amal Clooney didn’t already make you feel like an inferior maggot, she’s now going to teach at Columbia Law.

George Clooney and Britt Robertson try to save the world in the new Tomorrowland trailer — using a magical bathtub?