Leonardo DiCaprio Hosts Rihanna’s Birthday Bash

Riri’s day

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-It’s still happening. Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly threw Rihanna a birthday party.  Wake me up when this whole thing goes away.

-Whenever a celebrity gets another celebrity’s name tattooed on their body, an angel loses its wings.

-It’s kind of a cliche at this point to complain about the Oscars telecast being too long/boring, but I really liked this Grantland plea for the show to be less afraid of chaos.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s annual post-Oscars show pulled in some heavy-hitters, including Eddie Redmayne, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston. The highlight, though, was when he caught people bullshitting about what Oscar films they’ve seen.

-In case you missed the Oscars pre-show, Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith had the most cringe-worthy, uncomfortable interview every recorded.

-Yes, Patricia Arquette undercut her amazing Oscar acceptance speech with some clumsily worded sentiments backstage, but the backlash she’s getting is bullsh*t. She’s since taken to Twitter to clarify her remarks.

-I prefer Lupita Nyong’o‘s and Emma Stone‘s Vanity Fair party dresses to their Oscar gowns.

-Speaking of Oscar parties, Aaron Paul did his photo-bombing thing again.

-So Chris Pine and Zoë Kravitz are really a thing, huh? I dig it.

-In other new couple news, Josh Hutcherson and Dianna Agron reportedly looked cozy at a pre-Oscars party.

Aziz Ansari wrote a wonderful tribute to comedian Harris Wittels.

-Meanwhile, if you only have time to read one Parks and Recreation retrospective before tomorrow night’s series finale, I recommend Alan Sepinwall’s piece on how the goodness of Leslie Knope led to the greatness of the show.

-Well lookie, lookie: The Duff exceeded box office expectations this weekend. I’m waiting a week until my BFF is back in town to go see it and it’s SO HARD. I deserve a cake or something…

-I’m still not sold on Supergirl’s lead, but all of the other casting announcements have been on point. The latest: Calista Flockhart has signed on as the evil boss of Supergirl’s alter-ego.

-Arcade Fire’s Will Butler wants to write a song a day based on news headlines. Oh goodie.

-In other music news, Death Cab For Cutie debuted a new song. Somewhere out there, Seth Cohen is crying tears of joy.

-The trailer for the final season of Mad Men is kind of perfection.



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