Jennifer Lawrence Poses Nude with a Snake

Jennifer Lawrence snake vanity fair
Jennifer Lawrence was photograph by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair.

-Here’s the story behind Jennifer Lawrence’s slithery photo shoot for Vanity Fair. (TL; DR: she was cool with it until the snake got near her neck.)

-Speaking of JLaw, Lionsgate wants to make more money Hunger Games movies — even though they’ve run out of source material.

-InStyle and Kerry Washington weighed in on her ‘lightened’ cover controversy.  “While we did not digitally lighten Kerry’s skin tone, our cover lighting has likely contributed to this concern,” said InStyle.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made good on their Super Bowl bet and it was goddamn adorable.

-I keep repressing the news that NBC is rebooting Heroes, but the new trailers are making it harder to ignore.

-Sweet! Tegan and Sara will be performing at the Oscars with The Lonely Island.

-I approve of what passes for breakfast at Reese Witherspoon‘s house.

-Not surprising: Busy Phillips didn’t talk to Katie Holmes the whole time she was married to Tom Cruise — though not for lack of trying.

-The Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul debuts this weekend, and the reviews are mostly positive.

-Meanwhile. Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad is going to be a DJ. That’s all.

-Speaking of TV, the show that replaced Parenthood got worse ratings than Parenthood. Dammit, NBC!

Justin Bieber and Ellen hid in a bathroom to scare fans, and it was actually kinda cute.

-Vanity Fair does a deep dive into the Sony hack.

-Speaking of deep dives, I love this EW feature on how Fifty Shades of Grey is an artifact of female sexuality and expression. I hate that book, but I hate the reductive term “mommy porn” even more.

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rapped “It Takes Two” this week, and it was wonderful.

-Actress Heather Matarazzo (who will always be Lilly from The Princess Diaries to me) wrote a great blog post called “What the F*ck is F*ckable?”

Gwyneth Paltrow shared her vacation photo album — which conveniently doubles as ad an for the resort.

-Here’s the trailer for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, which I saw an advanced screening of and LOVED. It’s about a lonely office worker in Tokyo who watches Fargo and goes to the US to find the treasure that’s buried in the movie.


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