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January 19, 2015

The Hope Is Out There: The X Files May Return

Gillian Anderson David Duchovny

-The X Files reboot continues to inch closer to reality. The biggest holdup seems to be Gillian Anderson’s schedule, but seeing as she was the one who started #XFiles2015, I think she’ll figure out a way to make it work.

-Speaking of Gillian Anderson, I really liked this review of season 2 of The Fall as a dark, methodical deconstruction of women in crime shows. I have a bunch of episodes on my DVR but have yet to psych myself up enough to watch it.

-In other TV shows about women kicking ass, here’s a good take on what Agent Carter gets right that Agents of Shield didn’t.

-On the Graham Norton Show, Meryl Streep kissed Mark Ruffalo while James McAvoy watched. Which means she’s *literally* living my dream!

-Also on the Graham Norton Show, Jessie J demonstrated how she can sing “Bang Bang” with her mouth closed.

-Finally, someone asked Terrence Howard about those allegations of violence against women. I don’t care that Empire someone managed a ratings increase with its second episode and is a certified hit; I just can’t with him.

-Stalker costars Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q have been engaged for months? Huh.

-Despite it’s crazy box office take, Seth Rogen was not super impressed with American Sniper.

-Buffy’s Anthony Stewart Head continues to be is the goddamn best.

-It’s probably way too early for me to be this excited about Pitch Perfect 2, right?

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were spotted on a candlelit dinner date, so that’s still a thing that we need to keep pretending isn’t really happening.

-In news that should surprise no one, James Franco is super infatuated with fellow artsy-fart Lana Del Rey.

-The next time Lena Dunham has an image problem, it’ll be handled Olivia Pope-stylez.

Jennifer Aniston says she’s happy to be the “number one snubbed” by the Oscar nominations. Not to kick her while she’s down, but I’m pretty sure that honour goes to Jake Gyllenhaal.

-She also talked about grabbing Kate Hudson’s ass at the Golden Globes. “It’s such an irresistible tush.”

-Parenthood’s final episode will include a flash-forward. Oh god, I’m already crying. This is going to be like Six Feet Under all over again.

-Well, at least Justin Bieber had a sense of humour about SNL’s parody of his underwear ads.

-Speaking of SNL, this weekend’s host Kevin Hart talked about Bill Cosby and how Sony apologized for that “whore” comment in an interview with THR.

-In other Kevin Hart news, here’s the latest trailer for Get Hard.