Cate Blanchett Is “So F—ing Proud of Emma Watson”

cate blanchett porter

Cate Blanchett covers the new issue of Porter, where she talks about being intimidated by other mothers, and praises Emma Watson‘s UN speech. “It was brilliant, such an incredible use of her airspace, and really passionate. It was fantastic.”

-I love and adore Joel McHale but a TV show based on Internet comments? Hard pass.

Eva Mendes finally admitted that she had a baby. Other truth bombs: motherhood is really hard.

Angelina Jolie has jumped on the cape bandwagon.

Ryan Reynolds has joined Twitter, which a very Joshua Jackson-esque handle.

-Speaking of Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger posted the cutest holiday photo of them ever.

-The Late Late Show announced 10 guest hosts after Craig Ferguson leaves — and every single one is male. Of course.

-When Victoria Beckham‘s son wanted his ear pierced, she took him to Claire’s, just like every other mother in the world.

Idris Elba wants to record an album inspired by his Luther character. Oh, geez.

Lorde was adorably on Fallon last night, talking about how weird it is to be friends with Taylor Swift.

-Game of Thrones released a tiny Season 5 teaser, which puts the emphasis on Arya. No complaints here.

Jennifer Aniston pranked an interviewer by “pretending” to be rude and mean. But it was all a joke! Ha ha, isn’t she a riot? :/

-She’s also wearing fake boobs on Ellen. Sigh. I’m so tired of this promo tour already.

-Meanwhile, this Cake trailer should be subtitled “Jennifer Aniston really, really wants an Oscar, you guys!”

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