Anna Kendrick Dishes About Insta-Fame, Insecurities

anna kendrick marie claire 2014

Anna Kendrick‘s cover story in the latest issue of Marie Claire is more entertaining than the usual celeb puff profile — maybe because she got a little tipsy during the interview.

-The team behind Bill Cosby‘s website somehow decided it would be a great idea to launch a meme generator — which backfired immediately.

Jennifer Lawrence sings “The Hanging Tree” in the new Hunger Games movie– and cried before she had to do it.

-Meanwhile, JLaw and Josh Hutcherson are both adorably self-deprecating in this interview. “I like [my movies], I just hate that I’m in them.”

Rihanna went to the White House and did what the rest of us would: pretended to be Olivia Pope handling the situation.

Taylor Swift has lots to say about her favourite emojis. Of course she does.

-Speaking of Taylor, she looks surfer girl great on the cover of Wonderland.

Beyonce needs to hire a better Photoshopper already.

-Clear the elevators: Solange is getting married this weekend.

Eminem freestyled about punching Lana Del Rey in the face. Cool story, bro.

-Amazon just announced seven new TV shows that we Canadians can’t legally access. Sigh.

-What we learned on last night’s Tonight Show: Jeff Daniels can’t do the running man and Nick Jonas has never seen a mob movie in his life.

-Like everything else in her life, Britney Spears‘ new boyfriend comes courtesy of her father.

Bryan Cranston is heading back to TV — sorta. He’s producing a new crime drama for CBS.

Jennifer Aniston continues to hit the campaign trail hard. She’s gushing about her “attractive” fiance in Harper’s Bazaar’s butt-tastic cover story.

-Meanwhile, here’s a clip from her new movie Horrible Bosses 2. Chris Pine gives good douche.

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