Jessica Biel Is Probably Expecting a Mini JT

jessica biel pregnant
Justin Timberlake posted this photo with Jessica Biel in Oct 2014. (

-Seeing as Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake haven’t shot down the pregnancy reports even when they are coming from reputable sites like E!Online means they’re probably true.

Lisa Kudrow told Jimmy Kimmel the Friends showrunners thought Monica was “slutty.”

-Are they or aren’t they? Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at Chris Martin’s house in Malibu after their supposed split.

-A woman fainted during Amy Poehler’s Toronto event at Indigo last night, to which Amy quipped: “Yup, that’s how I like to end all my interviews.” God, how did I not go to that?

-I really liked this article on how too many TV dramas have morphed into a bad news relay. I’m pretty over the dead kids epidemic.

-Speaking of crime dramas, I love that Serial is getting so much praise. I’m more riveted by that podcast compared to anything on TV right now. (Seriously, what’s up with the cellphone records?!)

Chelsea Handler says Instagram is being sexist for taking down her topless photo.

Amanda Bynes was released from her psychiatric hold and already it’s going badly. She’s tweeting in her defense.

-Everyone’s talking about how Zac Efron is supposedly a controlling “dictator” to his “girlfriend,” but I can’t get past the photo on the top of the article. I took the same one when I was at Noma.

Stephen Colbert sweetly paid tribute to Canada and Kevin Vickers last night, and it was wonderful.

-Here’s our first look at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m so in.

-Here’s another new clip from Interstellar. This movie is going to be huge.

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