Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Expecting First Child

Blake Lively announced her first pregnancy
Blake Lively announced her first pregnancy on her website Preserve. (Photo: Preserve/Eric Lively)

Blake Lively snuck in a pregnancy announcement on her lifestyle website today. If this blind item really is about her, I’m guessing everyone around her is breathing a big sigh of relief.

Ben Affleck should have been riding high on the success of Gone Girl this weekend. Instead, he was clashing with Bill Maher over Islam.

-Dammit. Another round of stolen celebrity nudes hit the web over the weekend, targeting Nina Dobrev, Winona Ryde, Zoe Kazan and more.

-It was a big weekend for Buffy’s Xander. He got married (to a woman who is nice enough to let him post a really unflattering engagement photo from a hair salon) and landed a role on MTV’s Faking It.

-Speaking of Buffy, I really like this article about how Angel might actually be the better show. The “hole in the world” quote from the headline comes from an episode that makes me verklempt just thinking about it…

-Instead of going on a tropical honeymoon, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are spending two weeks in complete isolation at their English mansion.

-Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland has been granted a three-year restraining order against her ex.

-This clip of Bill Murray singing Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm” runs over the end credits of St Vincent, in case you needed more proof that this movie is great.

Oprah went to check up on visit Lindsay Lohan in London.

-Well, those crazy rumours about Twin Peaks coming back to TV turned out to be totally legitKyle MacLachlan also confirmed his return.

-Speaking of rumours, it seems like another Sex and the City movie might actually be happening.

-The Movie Network put the pilot for The Affair (which debuts this weekend) online. Watch it here and tell me if they blurred out Joshua Jackson‘s butt or if I should wait for the TV debut.

Robert Pattinson‘s sister Lizzy has been eliminated from The X Factor U.K.

Jennifer Lopez‘s TV show is really happening. This is so weird.

-The Better Call Saul teaser is…really strange. I get that they want to differentiate from Breaking Bad, but jeez.

-Speaking of TV, it cannot be overstated how desperately Fox is tanking in the ratings this season.

Toni Collette showed off her newly shaved head, which she did for a movie costarring Drew Barrymore.

-About time! Kerry Washington just scored her first rom-com lead.

-Here’s a new Miss Meadows trailer starring Katie Holmes. I’m not so sure about this one.


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