Taylor Swift Keeps Carrying Cats, For Some Reason

Taylor Swift is taking her twee-nees to a whole new level: she’s now accessorizing with cats. Your move, Zooey Deschanel.

-The first official casting notice about True Detective season two has arrived (as expected, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star), but they still haven’t announced the female lead(s). Word is they’re aiming high — if they can’t get Rachel McAdamsKeira Knightley is reportedly next on their list.

-Here’s more photographic evidence of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin sharing the same general airspace.

Aaron Paul and Jamie Dornan are teaming up for a new movie. Weirdly, that is how a LOT of my dreams start…

Courteney Cox told Jimmy Kimmel last night that she got engaged at Jennifer Aniston’s house.

-Meanwhile, Courteney says she’s still bummed that her Friends haircut never took off like The Rachel.

-E!Online tweeted that self-tanner is Ariana Grande’s biggest problem right now. Um, probs not.

-The Arrow season two blooper reel is really just a lot of people falling down.

Sarah Silverman squashed rumours that she’s engaged to Michael Sheen by calling marriage “barbaric.” Soooo….not engaged, then?

-Ruh roh. Despite it being a killer ep, the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow didn’t do very well (though this show does huge in DVR/live-plus-seven ratings). Gotham as its broody, too serious lead-in probably didn’t help.

Ed Sheeran killed those rumours that he’s fighting with One Direction’s Niall Horan over a girl — with lots of bro kisses.

-Another day, another Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs sighting.

-A 4Chan user is threatening to post leaked photos of Emma Watson following her speech on feminism because the world is terrible.

-Speaking of feminists, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants you to know he still is one.

Michael K. Williams is loving all the Marvel movie rumors surrounding him, while Idris Elba is not.

-Shocking report: post-wedding Brangelina is just as attractive as pre-wedding Brangelina.

-Remember that one time, when Vanilla Ice went ape-shit with a bat on the set of MTV and freaked out Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, Chris Kattan and Janeane Garofalo? (Also, how did we fail to appreciate a time when those four were co-hosting MTV shows together?)

Steven Soderbergh remade Raiders of the Lost Ark without color or sound so that you focus only on the staging — and it’s still great.

-Just when you thought Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t get any more insufferable, he grabs a mic and starts rapping.

-Here’s a clip of Emma Thompson and she’s singing. What more do you need to know?

-An intruder broke into Keanu Reeves‘ house and woke him up — and he calmly approached her and talked to her until the cops arrived ’cause he’s the goddamn coolest.

-The new Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer is heavy on the Colin Firth ass-kicking.

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