Alicia Keys Strips Down for Peace

-As if posing pregnant and nude for charity wasn’t enough, Alicia Keys just pledged $1 million to the We Are Here campaign.

-Here’s the first photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin together. And when I say “together,” I mean “barely in the same frame and in no way acknowledging each other’s existence.” Baby steps.

Emma Watson looked super nervous when delivering her speech on feminism and gender at the U.N. headquarters in New York this weekend, but she still killed it.

-Oh jeez. The NYT television critic has offered a weak non-apology for that terrible Shonda Rhimes article, basically saying we all just didn’t get it. Meanwhile, here’s a great article by NPR’s Linda Holmes about what it was like interviewing Shonda following the “angry black woman” hoopla.

-It delights me to no end that every publication seems to take great pleasure reporting on Ariana Grande’s bad behaviour.

-Speaking of diva reports, Sharon Stone’s rep is denying the ones surrounding her.

John Oliver continues to kill it. This week, he revealed why the Miss America pageant is even more ridiculous than you think.

-More nude photos of female celebrities leaked this weekend, including Amber HeardAubrey Plaza and Gabrielle Union, who released a kick-ass statement on how “since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized.” I nearly fist-pumped through the ceiling when I read it…

-Hahahahahaha! Charlie Sheen is trying to worm his way back into Two and a Half Men. God, that’s good.

Idris Elba did a Reddit AMA and no one asked him about the infamous mic wire pic? Giant fail, internet!

-Sleepy Hollow was my favourite new show of last year…and then I kind of forgot all about it (I blame the fact that the last new ep aired way back in January). So it was a super pleasant surprise to learn that it’s back tonight.

-My favourite new pilot of the year, The Flash, hasn’t even aired yet and already The CW has ordered more episodes.

-Speaking of TV, today marks 10 years since both Veronica Mars’ and Lost’s debuts, and 20 years since Friends’.

Colin Farrell has confirmed he’ll be in the new season of True Detective. Seeing how much I really didn’t like his latest movie (Miss Julie) at TIFF, this seems like the right career move for him.

-Speaking of True Detective, Matthew McConaughey seems to be doing a parody of Rust Cole in his new car commercial. Ellen Degeneres‘ explanation: pot brownies.

Kate Hudson says she and mom Goldie Hawncan see dead people.” So there’s that.

Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs are officially a thing.

-The early reviews for Gone Girl are beginning to trickle in, and they’re pretty glowing. (Also, it sounds like all that noise about them changing the ending was bunk.)

-Prepare to feel old: Lil’ Bow Wow is getting married.

-Ooh boy: Juliette Lewis is defending Scientology and Tom Cruise while talking about how the “mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies.”

-The cast of Mighty Ducks reunited yesterday (minus Joshua Jackson) and they formed a Flying V!

John Krasinski is back in the NBC business. He’s sold not one, but two new sitcoms to the network.

-The red band trailer for James Franco and Seth Rogen‘s The Interview is the first one that made me want to see it (mostly because of Rob Lowe).

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