Is This The End For Chavril?

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger announced their engagement on the cover of Hello magazine.
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger announced their engagement on the cover of Hello magazine in 2012.

-According to Us Weekly, Avril Lavigne‘s husband Chad Kroeger “has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing.”

Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic (even more so than usual) in her new Dior ads.

-Speaking of looking fantastic, I love Ellen Page’s W cover.

-I seriously don’t understand Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. They led an anti-pap campaign dedicated to respecting celebrities’ privacy, and now they’re starring in a Samsung commercial that purports to give an intimate glimpse into their lives. Also weird: I saw her walking down the street during the first weekend of TIFF and she was giving serious side-eye to anyone who even looked like they might approach her, but she was pushing a stroller so that’s totally understandable. BUT she was also walking past Roy Thomson Hall, where about 900 TIFF ticketholders were lined up on the sidewalk, waiting to get into the St. Vincent screening. If she didn’t want to be recognized, there were a bunch of other streets she could have taken that wouldn’t require her to walk past an entire line of pop culture fans. I don’t get it.

-Apparently, Lauren Conrad is somehow still famous enough to sell her wedding photos to a mag.

-Well, this is gross: Joan Rivers‘ doctor reportedly took a selfie with her while she was unconscious.

-I love watching Julianna Margulies acting goofy on Jimmy Fallon. It’s a side of her we so rarely see.

-Brace yourself: Kim Kardashian says she and Kanye West are “trying” for a second baby.

-God bless last night’s premiere of The Mindy Project for giving us another Danny dancing scene (and god bless the internet for immediately giving us GIFs of it).

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continue to enjoy the most tween-y dates ever.

John Travolta has publicly addressed rumors that he is gay for the first time — by denying them, of course.

Taylor Swift has been named best dressed by People magazine. It looks like her pap-assisted fashion tour of New York this summer paid off.

-Just like every other person with a pulse, Diane Keaton is crushing on Amy Poehler.

Amal Alamuddin‘s family is sticking to tradition by “paying for most of” her wedding to George Clooney.

-Did Beyoncé Photoshop her latest bikini pic? Check out the wonky stairs between her thighs. This all seems so beneath her.

-I love (and agree with) this headline: “Mysteries of Laura Is a Bad Show. It’s a Bad, Bad Show.” I have a stupidly high tolerance for crap TV and even I couldn’t make it through the full pilot for that one.

-On the other side of the fall TV spectrum, here’s the latest trailer for the eagerly anticipated The Affair, starring Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson.

-I think book trailers are one of the worst trends around, but dammit if I wasn’t totally charmed by Neil Patrick Harris’.

-Here’s the latest trailer for Before I Go To Sleep with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. I liked the book, but this doesn’t look promising.

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