Idris Elba Poses Shirtless, Salvages This Horrible Week

idris elba details
Idris Elba in Details’ annual style issue. (MARK SELIGER/DETAILS)

-This has been a really, really rough week for celebrity watchers. And then — like a ray of light peeking out from behind the darkest clouds — Idris Elba’s Details cover story (complete with chest-baring photos) was released. Thanks, universe. We really needed that.

Anna Kendrick denied those rumours that she’s dating Alfie Allen — but she may be dating a guy who looks just like him.

Blake Lively talks about wanting to pop out “a litter of kids” in her new Marie Claire cover story. Could she be the star behind this blind?

-Speaking of possible blinds revealed, news of Gwyneth Paltrow consciously copulating with her rumoured new boyfriend was hinted at ages ago by Lainey.

-The ALS ice bucket challenge is becoming a thing with celebrities now. Justin Timberlake did it, and then nominated Jimmy FallonSo did Kate Mara, who nominated Ellen Page. When Elizabeth Banks did it, she nominated Seth Rogen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Nathan Fillion. Even Martha Stewart got in on the action, and then nominated Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellen Degeneres.

-Why did the Daily Mail delete an article about Taylor Swift‘s relationship with a woman?

-Meanwhile, Taylor proved that she can even make H&M dresses look designer.

-How’s your heart? I only ask because if you’re having a shaky day, it’s probably best to NOT click on these kissy photos of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.

Ciara has broken up with fiancé Future only three months after welcoming their first child, reportedly because he couldn’t stop cheating.

Robin Williams‘ daughter has quit Twitter after internet trolls sent her fake photographs claiming to be of her dead father. Everything is terrible.

-Meanwhile, Russell Brand has proved yet again that he’s the best at writing tributes.

Calvin Harris says he had a “damn good reason” to not let Rita Ora sing their song at the Teen Choice Awards, but he didn’t elaborate.

-God bless the readers of EW for voting Tina from Bob’s Burgers as the best character on TV right now. Her cheerleading episode killed me, as do her weirdly sexual dreams about zombies.

-Despite the fact that everyone’s seemed to have stopped watching it, The Leftovers has been renewed for Season 2 by HBO.

-Rumoured horrible person Ariana Grande is maybe dating rapper Big Sean. He certainly has a type, huh?

Justin Bieber will not serve jail time for his Miami drag racing charges. Instead, he has to take anger management classes and try to learn how to not be a dick.

Jimmy Fallon‘s House of Cards parody is better than the actual show.

-Is John Cusack‘s new movie really called Drive Hard? Who does he think he is, Nic Cage?

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