Anna Kendrick Dating Game of Thrones Star?

anna kendrick boyfriend
Anna Kendrick in the July issue of Elle. (Photo: Elle/Carter Smith)

Anna Kendrick is reportedly dating Afie Allen, who plays Theon/Reek on Game of Thrones. I hate his character’s storyline, but anyone who recognizes the awesomeness of Anna can’t be too bad IRL.

-Some Viners are complaining that the Teen Choice Awards are rigged, which is weird because A) they won, and B) um, of course they are.

Chloe Grace Moretz is dating David and Victoria Beckham‘s son Brooklyn and they are ridiculously adorabable together.

-Speaking of all things adorabs, Taylor Swift and Lorde took a cooking class together.

Rita Ora confirmed that ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris prevented her from performing at the Teen Choice Awards by blocking her use of their single “I Will Never Let You Down.”

-I don’t watch Doctor Who, but even I can recognize that this couple’s Who-themed engagement photos are amazing!

Robin Williams‘ fans are turning the Good Will Hunting bench into a memorial.

-Meanwhile, The Wire creator David Simon’s recollection of Robin Williams might be my favourite so far (though Norm MacDonald’s tweets come in a close second).

-I feel like we all needed a laugh today, but Katie Holmes making funny faces with Jimmy Fallon didn’t do it for me.

-One of my friends always threatens to burn my rompers (even though they’re so damn cute! Who doesn’t love a good romper?!). I’m going to enter JLo’s romper as Exhibit A when next presenting my case for why rompers rock.

-Amazing news: the whole Veronica Mars cast is coming back for a new web series, which will also feature the stars of iZombie (which might actually be my favourite new pilot).

Nicky Hilton is engaged. Remember when we all had to pretend to care about her?

-Here’s our first look at Adrien Brody as Houdini in the new History series.

-Also, here’s the first trailer for Mortdecai, starring Johnny Depp as a debonair art dealer. It costars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor and I think it’s supposed to be funny, though you’d never know it from this clip. Yeesh.


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