Katherine Heigl Addresses Her ‘Difficult’ Reputation

Katherine Heigl State of Affairs
Katherine Heigl in her new show, State of Affairs. (Photo: NBCUniversal Media)

-My Twitter feed was filled with people snarking on Katherine Heigl’s appearance at the TCAs this afternoon. “I certainly don’t see myself as being difficult,” the visibly shaken actress told reporters…after a very long pause. How could she not be prepared for questions like that in a room full of critics?!

Blake Lively‘s new lifestyle website is going to be called GOOP Lite Preserve. Is that not the most old-lady name you’ve ever heard? Even Martha Stewart thinks it’s uncool.

-Need a good laugh to kick off your week? How about Lindsay Lohan trying to convince you that she “never wanted” to be a celebrity and promising she won’t be late for her new gig?

-Good news! Tracy Morgan has been released from rehab and he looks great. He’s also suing Wal-mart for the crash.

Weird Al Yankovic just released a parody video of Pharrell’s “Happy” starring Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet and Margaret Cho.

-Constantine is one of my favourite new shows of the pilots I’ve seen so far, but they’ve already axed one of the main characters. Sure, she was a bit of a Mary Sue, but still.

-Speaking of TV, I’m cautiously hopeful about these reports of Yahoo eyeing Enlisted.

John Oliver continues to be the best thing about Sunday nights.

Cameron Diaz would like you all to know that she’s never ever had sex with Drew Barrymore, mm-kay?

-In the past week, Taylor Kitsch has been spotted hanging out with Gerard Butler and Kellan Lutz. Don’t make me go all intervention on you, Riggins!

-HBO just confirmed it will go on with Game of Thrones whether they catch up to George R.R. Martin’s books or not. Meanwhile, Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes (‘member her?) is rumoured to be playing a new baddie on the show.

-A Twitter fan asked Joss Whedon to bring back Buffy, so he drew her this. Priceless.

Keri Russell continues to kill it fashion-wise on her promo tour for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

-Things are not looking super hot for Daryl in this first photo from the new season of The Walking Dead. (He’s still looking super hot though, natch.)

-Check out the trailer for season 8 of Doctor Who.

-If you ask Anna Kendrick for a selfie when she’s picking up her prescriptions she’ll oblige, but she won’t be happy about it.

-The cast and creators of Orphan Black explain how they shot that mind-bending dance party in the season finale.

Kanye West is giving us all lessons on how to be a dick to others at the airport.

Kat Dennings gets dark in the new Suburban Gothic trailer.

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