Kelly Osbourne Gets Head Tattoo; Community Lives

Kelly Osbourne tattoo

-Ouch! Kelly Osbourne just got the word “stories” inked on the side of her head. Just looking at this gives me a headache.

-Community has been saved! Yahoo picked up the show and will stream a new season. Cool cool cool.

Shia LaBeouf has reportedly checked into rehab. Let’s hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

-No surprise here: trying to eat like Gwyneth Paltrow for an entire week will mess you up real good.

-VH1 tried to do an #AskThicke hashtag with questions for Robin Thicke, and it was a messy, glorious PR fail.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent less on their anniversary dinner than I spent at a restaurant last night. I really need to start bringing my own wine…

-Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo implied that Ben wouldn’t let Jen stay in touch with him after shooting 13 Going on 30. As if that woman doesn’t already have enough shit from him to deal with.

-Did you know that the girl who plays Sherriff Bellfleur‘s daughter on True Blood could dance?

Kerry Washington made her first red carpet appearance at the BET Awards since having a baby, and she was flawless.

-Meanwhile, Chris Rock’s opening monologue was killer.  Loved the Donald Sterling take down.

-Also at the BET Awards, Nicki Minaj used her long, rambling speech to take a swipe at Iggy Azalea, and Robin Thicke continued to embarrass himself.

-Meanwhile, Taye Diggs and his new GF Amanza Smith Brown made their red carpet debut at the BET Awards.  I’m not ready to process this.

Erykah Badu tried to kiss a TV news reporter during a live broadcast but he was having none of it.

-This whiny article about how Orange Is the New Black needs to focus more on male characters is cringe-worthy and unbelievable.

-Meanwhile, the cast of Orange Is the New Black attended the NYC pride parade.

-Beyonce and Jay Z show Justin Bieber’s mugshot during their concert because they can get away with anything.

-Paramount is trying to claim that Transformers made $100 million this weekend, but no one’s buying it.  It came awfully close, though.

-Sad: Robert Downey Jr‘s son, Indio, has been arrested for drug possession. His dad released a statement.

Brangelina enjoyed a date night on Saturday, while Jennifer Aniston‘s boyfriend enjoyed a stroll with human garbage bag Terry Richardson.

-Speaking of Justin Theroux, you can watch his new HBO show The Leftovers for free online. I liked it, but it’s unrelentingly bleak. I think it’s going to be like Hannibal; easy to admire but hard to fully enjoy.

-Watch Prince Harry dance adorably with kids at a Chilean special needs daycare.

-I’m taking Tuesday off for Canada Day. Amuse yourselves with this video of Zac Efron dancing on a table.

-Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader playing estranged siblings trying to get back on track in the trailer for ‘The Skeleton Twins, which killed at Sundance.

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