Emma Roberts Gets Wild for Elle Canada


-I love the giraffe bathing suit Emma Roberts is sporting on the cover of Elle Canada— and I never thought I’d say that about a one-piece.

-Well, this is a twist: Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have reportedly decided to call off their divorce.

Rihanna and Drake have graduated to showing affection in public. Squee!

-Speaking of PDAs, apparently Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s conscious uncoupling means they can still hold hands.

-Meanwhile, a new report claims Chris was the one who pushed to announce their split, while Gwyneth was fine continuing to pretend they were happy.

-Why in the world would anyone dress how Adam Levine wants them to?

-Fashion whippersnapper Tavi Gevinson interviewed Miley Cyrus for the latest issue of Elle.

Tom Hardy manages to look both hipstery and menacing on the new cover of Esquire. I didn’t think that was possible. Bravo, sir!

Naya Rivera and Big Sean have called off their engagement — and his people are blaming her “violent fits.” That’s convenient.

-Meanwhile, the split’s already gotten nasty, with her accusing him of stealing a Rolex.

-It’s a bad week for Glee stars’ relationships. Chord Overstreet and Halston Sage have also split.

This kids’ song from the guys from The Walkmen and The National is way better than any kids’ song deserves to be.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus responded to the Constitution error on  her Rolling Stone  cover — and did an admirable job of pretending not to care that people were more focused on spell-checking than looking at her naked body.

Michelle Williams‘ new Louis Vuitton ads are stunning.

-This is a great Q&A with Jon Hamm: “People are like, ‘I want to be like Don Draper.’ You want to be a miserable drunk?”

Jennifer Garner says her family has noticed a difference with the paps since #NoKidsPolicy became a thing.

-I love and adore the yellow dress Emma Stone wore to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere.

Emma‘s dream of meeting a Spice Girl just got a little closer to reality. She Facetimed with Mel C and it was adorable.

David Letterman says he’s “flattered” that CBS chose Stephen Colbert to replace him, and Colbert returned the compliment. CBS, meanwhile, clarified that Colbert won’t be doing his usual character.

Jon Stewart has nothing but love for Colbert’s next move: “He’s wonderful in Colbert Report, but he’s got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet.”

-Don’t feel bad for Craig Ferguson — he’s probably going to get rich off this anyway.

-Just when I thought I couldn’t love Anna Kendrick more, she tweets about the Step Up movies.

Katherine Heigl sued a pharmacy chain for $6 million because they tweeted an unauthorized image of her. Is that a thing?!

-Of course Jason Segel and Katie Holmes haven’t been dating for 3 years.

-I think it’s kind of a weird fit for Amy Poehler to be shilling for Old Navy (especially since all their previous commercials feature has-beens), but the adlibs for her latest ad are pretty great.

-Oh good lord. Kimye’s Vogue cover is on track to outsell Beyonce’s.

-It’s possible that this photo of Bruce Campbell and Nathan Fillion just broke the internet.

-The final red band trailer for 22 Jump Street slays me. I’m so in with this movie!



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