Are Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy On The Rocks?

Kate Hudson  in Ann Taylor's spring 2014 campaign
Kate Hudson in Ann Taylor’s spring 2014 campaign (Mikael Jansson/Ann Taylor)

-It’s not a good sign when even People magazine is predicting the end of Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy‘s relationship. Is she leaking these hints so she doesn’t have to explain his absence on Sunday night?

-Meanwhile, Kate incorporated her sons into her latest Ann Taylor campaign. It’ll be interesting to see where she stands on the whole pedorazzi issue after this.

-That 81-year-old tycoon is carrying on his annual tradition of paying a female celebrity to attend the Vienna Opera Ball with him, and this year he chose Kim Kardashian — who brought her baby.

Lea Michele released a song about her last conversation with Cory Monteith, just in case you were feeling too happy today.

-Sacrebleu! Kate Moss is baring her butt on the cover of a French magazine.

-Ugh. Tone it down, little girl from Modern Family.

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore sang a song about their fictional love on the Tonight Show. Not going lie: that last line made me smile.

Adam Driver’s involvement might actually tempt me to go see the new Star Wars film. Lena Dunham is already tweeting her support — and then wondering if she spoke too soon.

-In other news involving the Girls cast, Allison Williams got engaged to the guy who created CollegeHumor.

Anna Kendrick has arrived in LA for this weekend’s Oscars.

-I love that Donald Faison will perform his “Poison” routine  on command. Sigh. I miss Scrubs.

-Judging by these cow costars, I’m guessing Robert Pattinson is no longer shooting his movie in downtown Toronto.  (The cows have already spawned a meme, of course.)

Veronica Mars movie spoilers are starting to trickle out.

Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t a fan of the “objectionable and cruel” language women use towards each other on TV.

Scandal is back tonight! I’m weirdly excited to see Kerry Washington‘s maternity coats.

Seth Rogen testified before Congress about his mother-in-law’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and it was both moving and hilarious.

-He then tweet-shamed senators for skipping his speech.

Liam Neeson is using another press tour to advocate keeping horse-drawn carriages in New York, which I guess is better than talking about his silly-looking new movie.

-Wait, wait, wait: Lupita Nyong’o  is in that movie?!?

-A bunch of new Divergent photos have landed.

-Speaking of new movie photos, here’s our first look at Sin City 2 featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke.

-This is pretty boss: thanks to a generous back-end deal, Sandra Bullock is set to make at least $70 million from Gravity.

-I love this infographic showing every dress worn by Best Actress winners at the Oscars since 1929.

Leah Remini won’t stop talking about her decision to leave Scientology, because she’s awesome.

-Strange: Vin Diesel posted a video of himself and (possibly) Paul Walker playing World of Warcraft.

Amy Poehler and Michelle Obama’s newfound friendship continues. The First Lady will appear on Parks and Recreation’s season finale. Leslie Knope is gonna flip.

-HBO’s The Normal Heart, starring Taylor Kitsch as a gay man living with AIDS in the 80s, will premiere May 25.

-I’m guessing Justin Bieber loves this new Rolling Stone cover, no matter how negative the article is.

-Judging by these new photos, you’re probably gonna want to set your DVR for Jimmy Kimmel‘s post-Oscar special.

-Frozen’s Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff sang a cute song about what it took to create the film. Watch a preview here.

-Here’s the international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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