George, Julia and Idris Are Among The Stars Gracing Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue George Clooney Idris Elba
-There is a lot to love about Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood Issue cover (Michael B. Jordan! Brie Larson! Léa Seydoux!), not to mention the fact that it’s as racially progressive as it’s ever been. There’s still grumbling about Lupita being stuck on the second fold, but baby steps!

-Also, this issue reportedly features the Gwyneth Paltrow takedown-turned-puff-piece.

-Speaking of historic magazine covers, it looks like Kanye West finally wore Anna Wintour down: Kim Kardashian reportedly did a Vogue shoot today.

-In other magazine cover news, Christie Brinkley (who’s 60!) is posing on the cover of People in a bikini.

-There are lots of remembrances being written about Philip Seymour Hoffman today, including this look back at his best scenes, and most lasting roles (I’d add Happiness in there, which I hated but have never been able to shake). Meanwhile, stars have taken to Twitter to remember him and comment on addiction, while Gwyneth Paltrow posted a cute Instagram photo of them on the Talented Mr. Ripley shoot, and Cameron Crowe recounted a great story from the set of Almost Famous.

Jared Padalecki, on the other hand, totally screwed up with his PSH tweet.

-Meanwhile, 70 bags of heroin were apparently found in PSH’s apartment, and there’s lots of talk about how “dishevelled” he seemed at Sundance.

-Also, his death won’t derail the Hunger Games sequels.

This video of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger trying to survive two days in Death Valley with only the water that their fancy Mercedes-Benz F-cell car produces will make you love them as a couple even more (if that’s possible).

-I seriously cannot get over how much Miley Cyrus looks like Lady Gaga in some of the shots in her W profile.

-This was published last week but I was away eating cheese and eclairs so I missed it, but I really liked this article on American Horror Story: Coven and why Ryan Murphy has great ideas, but is a terrible showrunner. Word.

-Speaking of things I missed, George Clooney did an AMA on Reddit last week and it was amazing.

-Meanwhile, George raised $1.2 million for Satellite Sentinel by auctioning off a date.

Leonardo DiCaprio watched the Super Bowl with a bunch of friends that included My Name Is Earl’s Ethan Suplee and Bradley Cooper, but didn’t include Jonah Hill. Gasp!

JK Rowling thinks Harry Potter should have married Hermione in the end. Gasp squared!

Kevin Jonas live tweeted the birth of his baby girl — and the whole thing was corporate sponsored. Sounds gross, but I’m just relieved that icky rumour about the whole pregnancy being faked for ratings turned out to be bunk.

-Here’s the first trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Enemy, which doesn’t even begin to express how weird this movie is.

-This baby’s reaction to the Parks and Recreation theme song is eerily similar to my own.

-I love how this interview with the cast of They Came Together quickly morphed into an interview about Wet Hot American Summer.

-Here’s the full episode of Comedians in Cars with Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander.

-If you’re a House of Cards fan, there’s an exclusive sneak-peek scene from the season premiere accompanying this profile.

-This is sad but understandable: Kristin Scott Thomas says she’s quitting film. If you’ve never seen I’ve Loved You So Long, seek it out. Soo good!

-One of the kids from Desperate Housewives is coming clean about his addiction issues.

-Ruh roh. Benedict Cumberbatch‘s ancestors were slave owners.

-I’ve always found it hard to watch Woody Allen movies without feeling icky. Now it’s downright impossible.

Cameron Diaz launched a shoe collection, because why not?

-Here’s our first look at 24: Live Another Day. I’m loving the prominence of Chloe!

-A new Scientology commercial ran during the Superbowl and it’s, um, yeah.

-Speaking of the Super Bowl, Bruno Mars straight up killed it!

-Among all of the Super Bowl commercials (which you can watch here) there were a ton of new movie trailers. We got new peeks at Need for SpeedMuppets Most WantedTransformers: Age of Extinction, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. My favourite, I think, was the latest trailer for Captain American: The Winter Soldier.

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