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January 2014

Justin Bieber Thinks He’s The New Michael Jackson

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-What new f*ckery is this? Justin Bieber just broke his silence following his arrest to compare himself to Michael Jackson.

-Meanwhile, in court Bieber said he got the Xanax he was on at the time of his arrest from his mom. And his dad celebrated his release from jail by drinking with him, so the kid is clearly in good hands. 

-Was Connie Britton the difficult employer Scandal’s Katie Lowes keeps talking about? Whelp!

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey just shrugged and accepted dump trunks full of money to stick it out on Grey’s Anatomy for a couple more years.

-Another day, another sighting of Jon Hamm free-balling.

-On last night’s Fallon, Jonah Hill talked about that time Joe Pesci stuck his finger up his butt. So…yeah. 

Gabourey Sidibe says the AHS cast got into a bar brawl in defense of costar Sarah Paulson.

Cate Blanchett says she was “a couple of sheets to the wind” by the time her Golden Globes category was called and doesn’t rememeber her speech.

-Yikes! Mary J. Blige‘s fatheris in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck by an ex-girlfriend.

Adam Scott and Paul Rudd have recreated the Bosom Buddies theme song, and it’s magnificent.

-Now that Parks & Rec has finally figured out what to do with Rob Lowe (his and Rashida Jones’ storyline last night was their best in ages), he’s leaving the show. Luckily, he’s already lined up a new one with NBC.

Judy Greer is taking another crack at TV stardom.

-Speaking of TV stardom, Sharon Stone is making the jump to the small screen.

David Beckham is shirtless in this preview from H&M‘s upcoming 2014 Super Bowl commercial. You’re welcome.

-The bromance continues: Zach Braff crashed Donald Faison‘s Reddit AMA.

-The guy Matt Damon played in Behind the Candelabra has just been sentenced to 8-20 years in prison.

This song from The Lego Movie by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island will be in your head for the next 18 months. Get ready.

-Here’s a great visualization of how very wrong Jenny McCarthy is about vaccines.

-Someone recut the Her trailer with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Samantha, and it’s kind of hilarious.

Jay Leno complains about how he was “blindsided” when NBC dumped him in this week’s 60 Minutes.  Now he knows how Conan feels.

-A new Walking Dead preview has landed. Poor Darryl got stuck with Beth, who’s the WORST.

Scarlett Johansson can’t stop talking about her SodaStream. I have a friend who has one and I must admit, they are a game changer.

-Here’s the first trailer for Better Living Through Chemistry. I love and adore Sam Rockwell and Drinking Buddies has given me a new appreciation for Olivia Wilde, so I’m in.

Justin Bieber’s Arrest Drama

justin bieber mug shot

-I’m already super bored by all the Justin Bieber crap. Here’s hoping this is the wake-up call he needs. People are covering it way more thoroughly than I care to, but here’s some quick links: his arrest report is full of f-bombs, here’s video of his arrest, he’s hired hired high-profile celeb lawyer Roy Black, his passenger was this model, he hasn’t had a valid driver’s license for six months, Seth Rogen called him “a piece of sh*t,” he’s been released from custody after posting the $2,500 bond, and when he left jail he climbed on top of a car to blow kisses to fansOh, and he seemed super happy in his mugshot (and kind of resembles Miley Cyrus).

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, looks happy to be rid of him.

-This little kid just sassed Karl Lagerfeld, making him my new hero.

Eva Longoria‘s new show is set in Willowdale, Ontario and she has no idea why.

Lorde spoke to Rolling Stone about all that gross cyber-bullying surrounding her boyfriend.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan went to a club and broke into a Step Up-ish dance routine. Guys, this is my DREAM! Someday, I just want to be in a random club and then suddenly see Channing do that thing where he jumps up, hooks his shirt on the sprinkler, and wriggles out of it.

-A very self-aware Anne Hathaway just said that she took some time off because she thought “people needed a break from me.”

Sherri Shepherd has (kind of) apologized for those homophobic comments, which would have seemed a lot more sincere had she not been so clearly reading off cue cards.

Meet Colin Jost, SNL’s new Weekend Update co-anchor.

-A P.I. hired to investigate the Oscars-eligibility of one of the nominated songs concluded that it should be disqualified, but it remains in the race.

-Broad City, the show produced by Amy Poehler, is getting rave reviews.

-Meanwhile, Adam Scott talks about directing this week’s ep of Parks and Rec.

-Book trailers are a weird new trend, but I like the one for BJ Novak’s. I’m going to Paris next week and plan to model myself off Mindy Kaling in this video.

Amy Adams looks stunning on the cover of L’Officiel magazine — even though I first mistook her for Cate Blanchett.

-Judging by Ryan Murphy‘s latest tweet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristin Chenoweth are returning for Glee’s 100th episode.

Dean McDermott has entered rehab after allegedly cheating on Tori Spelling, saying “I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I’ve caused my family.”

Noel Gallagher really hates his old videos — and the results are hilarious.

-Sorry dreamers, but Jennifer Lawrence is not engaged to Nicholas Hoult.

-After meeting Lena Dunham on the Graham Norton Show, Idris Elba wants to be on Girls. HBO, make this happen!!

Aaron Paul‘s next career move may be to star in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, directed by Ron Howard.

This GIF of Sean Penn playing with Charlize Theron’s son is absolutely terrifying.

-Anyone who saw The Trip remembers the Michael Caine impressions, and the sequel has even more. Love.

Rihanna Poses Topless on a Boat

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Rihanna posted a bunch of Instagram photos of her frolicking topless on a yacht. You do you, RiRi.

Justin Bieber went to a strip club and spent $75k . The craziest part of this story? It was all dollar bills. Did he bring his own armored truck?

-Here’s a great article and lots of pretty pictures of Taylor Kitsch. There’s also a link to the trailer for The Grand Seduction, one of my fave movies at last year’s TIFF.

Anne Hathaway wasn’t actually drowning, you guys.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross will score Gone Girl. This is shaping up to be one of those rare times that the film is better than the book.

-Once again, Mark Ruffalo is speaking out for women’s rights and it’s pretty damn great.

Jonah Hill says he was only paid $60k for The Wolf of Wall Street. (That isn’t even Bieber strip club money!) But he was also paid with Leo’s love, and that’s priceless.

-Meanwhile, Jonah is dropping f-bombs all over his SNL promos.

-Sad news for Octavia Spencer: her Murder She Wrote reboot just got killed.

-Speaking of classic TV, Bill Cosby is coming back to NBC.

Shia LaBeouf claims his Twitter feed is actually a piece of “meta-modernist performance art.” Um, yeah. Mine too.

Kristen Bell was one hundo p charming on Conan this week, showing off her Veronica Mars bust.

Ashanti was slammed by hater on Twitter and responded with a stupid homophobic jab.

Idris Elba showed off his sexiest facial expression. I know it’s a joke, but it’s totally working for me.

-Speaking of sexy Brits, Benedict Cumberbatch won an award and accepted it in swimming trunks, causing the internet to melt.

-This is promising: Rashida Jones will star in Steve Carell’s upcoming TBS comedy.

-Despite all the controversy surrounding Lena Dunham‘s Vogue cover, the video she shot for their website about getting ready is very cute.

Patti LaBelle calls out “little heifers” unfit to be called divas, which is the kind of thing only real divas do.

-This new trailer for Lust for Love features a ton of people from the Joss Whedon universe, so I love it already.

-Last night’s Mindy Project was insane. On one hand, I loved THAT moment, but was it too soon? Did they just Nick & Jess their way to suckiness? I don’t know why they’re rushing things; Fox is bullish on a renewal.

-Speaking of The Mindy Project, here’s an interview with Chris Messina explaining his dancing skills.

Sean Penn just called Charlize Therona keeper.” This is really happening, people! Assume crash positions!

-The first teaser for Guillermo Del Toro’s FX series, The Strain, is intriguing.