Sarah Jessica Parker Blasts “Zombie Hands” Report

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. (HBO)
(PS: I'm taking some days off over the holidays. See ya in the new year!)

Sarah Jessica Parker has slammed those “vicious” reports about needing cosmetic surgery for her “witch’s hands.”  People suck.

-Wait, wait, wait…Prince William calls Kate Middleton “babykins“? On purpose?

Idris Elba talks about learning of Mandela’s death with William and Kate. “They were just in tears with me.”

Martha Stewart is throwing shade at Gwyneth Paltrow again. God bless her.

-Meanwhile, it looks like Gwyneth will be holidaying in the Hamptons this year. (Holiday in the Hamptons sounds like a Lifetime movie I would totally watch.)

-Here’s a clip of Shailene Woodley and Theo James kissing in Divergent. This is way hotter than I was expecting for a YA movie. (Although I initially thought she asked “What’s your dad do?” not “What’s your tattoo?” so I was very confused when he suddenly whipped off his shirt…)

-I really agreed with this column about why A&E’s  decision to suspend Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson accomplishes nothing.

Miley Cyrus says the reason she sticks out her tongue is because she’s insecure. Um, ok?

Jennifer Lawrence told a story about buttplugs on Conan last night and it was totally charming. I know this schtick should be getting old by now, but it’s just not. She’s even adorable when she’s spilling breath mints.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen continue to kill it on Twitter, sharing this adorable photo with Santa.

Kate Winslet has dared to have three children with three different men, which apparently makes her a target for some  father’s rights group.

-Have we ever seen Justin Bieber sweat this much while promoting an album? Yesterday, we had the retirement comments, and today we’re getting declarations of love for Selena Gomez.

-Also, he’s started to dress like Frank Sinatra, for some reason.

-12 Years a Slave breakout star Lupita Nyong’o looks amazing in Vogue.

-God bless Keanu Reeves for posing for the Sad Keanu meme on Colbert last night.

-It looks like Zoe Kravitz and Drake really are a thing.

-I like the new opening credits for Suburgatory, mostly because having them animated somehow downplays the weird sexual tension between the actors playing father and daughter.

-Want to see a very blurry photo of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson kissing on the set of Fifty Shades? Yeah, me neither.

Hugh Jackman and Naomi Watts had a double date with their spouses last night.

-Is this seriously what Rachel McAdams’ hair looks like after she gets off a long flight? I hate my life.

-How I Met Your Mother is finally going to be put out of its misery March 31.

-A bunch of new trailers landed today. First up is Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann‘s The Other Woman, which looks like the reverse First Wives Club.

-A new trailer for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel also dropped.

-Here’s the creepy first teaser for Johnny Depp‘s sci-fi thriller Transcendence.

-I continue to be totally charmed by Andrew Garfield in the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

-A new trailer for Neighbors with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen also landed.

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