Zoe Saldana in Flare: “Women Aren’t Wimpy”

Zoe Saldana in the Jan '14 issue of Flare
Zoe Saldana in the Jan ’14 issue of Flare. (Photo: James White/Flare)

Zoe Saldana looks great on the cover of Flare. In the interview (in which the editor called “the most candid we’ve ever run”), she rails against anti-feminist stereotypes, saying “Women aren’t wimpy. They don’t complain all the time. They can open up jars! They can fucking save the day! They can support their whole family. They can support their men. Half of my friends make more money than their male partners.”

-Remember Britney Spears’ horrible ex-manager Sam Lufti? He just leaked some old texts that she allegedly sent, proving he’s still horrible.

-Now that Miley Cyrus is getting all this press and came close to being named the Person of the Year, Liam Hemsworth might be reconsidering their split. Funny how that works.

-Is the inevitable Jennifer Lawrence backlash a-brewin’? That is one bandwagon I have no desire to jump on.

-Things are looking up for Amanda Bynes. She’s left her rehab centre and is now living at her parents’ house and planning a future as a fashion student.

Amy Adams doesn’t understand why people mistake her for Isla Fisher. It’s simple, Amy. People are idiots.

-I’m really liking the white dress Kate Middleton wore to the Mandela premiere.

-Two men are accused of breaking into and robbing Keri Russell‘s house while she was asleep. Something tells me this wouldn’t have happened if Ben were there.

Adam Levine’s new Kmart commercial makes us question his hygiene. He does the sniff test on his shirts? He doesn’t brush his teeth? Looks like the Sexiest Man Alive title is going to someone’s head.

Nigella Lawson has disputed her ex-husband’s story that he was checking her nose for coke in those infamous photos. She’s saying it happened because she remarked on a cute baby nearby and he grabbed her by the throat and said, “I am the only person you should be concerned with. I am the only person who should be giving you pleasure.” Ugh.

Mandy Patinkin showed off his freshly shaven face on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning.

-I missed this last week, but Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood performed Thanksgiving-themed karaoke.

-Speaking of Carrie Underwood, here’s a Sound of Music drinking game, which is pretty much the only way anyone’s going to make it through the show tonight.

-From their analysis of The Good Wife’s take on technology to their assertion that this season’s Scandal is an exploration of free will, I’m really starting to dig Buzzfeed’s TV coverage. (I mean, I’m mainly going to continue going there to read things like 23 Reasons To Drink More Wine, but still…)

-Speaking of TV criticism, I really liked this article in praise of quitting shows.

-Here’s our first look at IFC’s miniseries The Spoils of Babylon, starring Tobey Maguire, Kristen Wiig and Tim Robbins. I know it’s supposed to be funny but I…don’t…get it.

-Here are some pictures of Prince Harry, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård and The Wire’s Dominic West on their way to the South Pole.

Benedict Cumberbatch did a dramatic reading of R Kelly’s Black Panties on Kimmel last night. (Speaking of which, Grantland’s review of that album is great.)

-Here’s the first promo for Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s new variety show.

Anna Kendrick and Joss Whedon had a Twitter love-in. Maybe he can find a place for her in the Avengers cast?

-Universal and The Fast and the Furious crew put out this touching tribute for Paul Walker, featuring clips from the franchise.

-Confession time: I love listicles. Year end lists are my crack (even the ones that make me feel super uncool and out of touch). I love reading ’em, I love writing ’em. Even Jay Z is getting in on the list action, ranking his own albums.

-Even as vegans, Jay Z and Beyonce are still eating better than the rest of us.

-The Skyrim reference is lost on me in this Vine, but the power of Stephen Amell‘s abs are not.

Lea Michele credits Glee costar Amber Riley for helping her cope with Cory Monteith‘s death.

-A new Pompeii trailer has arrived. Hey, Kit Harrington! I forgot all about you!

-Speaking of new trailers, here’s the first one for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with Jamie Foxx as Electro. I passionately defended the last Spider-Man film at work this morning which is weird, considering I don’t remember loving it all that much at the time.

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