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November 21, 2013

Hugh Jackman Reveals Cancer Scare

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Hugh Jackman is recovering after having a spot of skin cancer removed from his nose.

Idris Elba and René Redzepi (owner of Noma, the restaurant in Copenhagen where I had the most amazing meal of my life last month) cooked together on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. My ovaries just exploded.

-In other late night news, Jennifer Lawrence told David Letterman a lovely story about repeatedly pooping her pants.

-Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence yelled at some photogs (clearly in jest), but now everyone’s talking about how she’s FREAKING OUT because people suck.

-Whoa whoa whoa. Both Cooper AND Charlie from Center Stage are going to be in a new TV show about ballet? Sign. Me. Up.

-In other awesome casting news, Bill Murray just signed on to star in a new HBO miniseries.

Justin Bieber‘s concert ticket sales in Australia are weak. Has the fever finally broken?

-Meanwhile, in a new interview Justin‘s manager Scooter Braun admits that he can’t really control the pop singer anymore.

-I really liked this oral history of Good Will Hunting. Did you know that Kevin Smith saved that movie after reading the script on the toilet?

Mark Wahlberg says if he produced Fifty Shades of Grey, he would have got Brad Pitt to star in it. Sure thing, little buddy.

Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza hung out — and Anne Hathaway somehow managed to worm her way in there.

-Also, watch Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser sing a “Summer Nights” karaoke duet in a preview for Parks and Rec.

Nick Offerman doesn’t love his moustache as much as you do.

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles claim they are “just friends” after being photographed together in his car. Too bad. Not caring about them as a unit takes less energy than not caring about them separately.

-Despite what I may think of him personally, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s charity work is pretty boss.

Ron Burgundy sang to Rob Ford last night.

-Meanwhile, god bless whoever cut together the Rob Ford movie trailer using old Chris Farley clips.

Amanda Bynes has been found mentally competent to stand trial in her DUI case.

-Lookie here: the CW is making some ratings waves. I gave up on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD a few episodes ago, but that series could learn a lot from CW shows like Arrow, especially when it comes to staging action sequences on a tiny budget.

-How have I never watched “Losing it with John Stamos” before? Amazing. In this one, Dave Coulier talks about Alanis Morissette singing about him.

Josh Brolin reportedly trained for seven weeks to memorize the choreography for one extended shot in Oldboy and cried after filming the scene, but it ended up getting trimmed from the final version of the film.

Aaron Carter has filed for bankruptcy.

Arcade Fire has released a sweet new video for ‘Afterlife,’ winning us over again after yesterday’s fancy dress shenanigans. I’m not going to lie; this video made me tear up a little ’cause it reminded me of A Better Life.

Sarah Silverman is doing a Reddit AMA right now.  Let’s hope someone asks her about that stupid Variety critic who thinks girl comics shouldn’t work blue.

-Here’s the trailer for Twice Born, starring Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz.