Rihanna Claims She “Hates Partying” And Is a “Square”

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Rihanna says she’s a square who rarely has sex, contradicting everything we’ve ever learned from her Instagram feed.

-Speaking of Rihanna, she started her concert in Adelaide last night 90 minutes late, and the crowd was not thrilled.

-Has Gwen Stefani actually confirmed her pregnancy? Everyone’s talking about her visible belly bump in this photo, but I don’t see it.

Taylor Swift and Katie Holmes are starring in a movie alongside Meryl Streep? What world is this?!

-While promoting her SNL hosting gig, Tina Fey made fun of her Emmy nip slip on Fallon last night.

-Speaking of SNL, set your DVR for it to tape 30 mins longer so you can catch Arcade Fire’s concert special.

-The cast of Sesame Street are having a big week on late night talk shows. First up was the theme song on Jimmy Fallon, and then last night Big Bird and Oscar went head-to-head on The Colbert Report.

-On last night’s Conan, Jason Biggs talks about having Jodie Foster direct him in a masturbation scene.

-Lindsay Lohan was actually kind of funny on Fallon last night.

-Speaking of late night talk shows, I’m really hoping the Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West feud is real, because it’s the best! Kimmel made a spoof of Kanye’s latest ridiculous interview (which, if you haven’t seen the original, is totally worth a watch), and Kanye lost his sh*t.

-Speaking of Kanye West losing his sh*t, he exploded on a paparazzo this morning.

-I’m not loving the news that they’re adapting Fargo for TV, but casting Martin Freeman in the William H. Macy role softens the blow a bit.

Amanda Bynes‘ mom dropped her bid for conservatorship.

-Mark your calendars! The christening of Prince George will take place on Oct. 23rd.

Britney Spears previewed a 15-second clip from her “Work B*tch” music video. I kind of dig that song. I mean, not that I want to listen to it at work or anything, but when it comes on in the club, it’s on!

-God bless Emily M. Keeler for posting the full transcript of her interview with David Gilmour.

-It was a bad night for the ratings of returning shows. Parenthood, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and Parks and Rec all returned to lower ratings. The Crazy Ones debuted high, though.

-Meanwhile, even the promos for Parenthood make me weepy.

Miley Cyrus wants us all to know that she loves weed and hates cocaine. Um, thanks?

Zac Efron is thanking fans for their post-rehab support.

Michael B. Jordan might be starring in the sequel to Independence Day, which means taking Bill Simmons’ advice to star in a big alien movie. Does this mean that next he’ll be in a fake celebrity relationship?

-Our second to the last podcast about Breaking Bad has dropped. *sob*

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