Nina Dobrev Crouches for Cosmo

Nina Dobrev on the cover of Cosmo’s Sept 2013 issue.

Nina Dobrev looks amazeballs on the cover of Cosmo — even if she is awkwardly hunched over.

Leah Remini continues to be my goddamn spirit animal. She just filed a missing person’s report for the head of Scientology’s wife, who hasn’t been seen in public for six years.

-Everyone’s OMGing about Beyonce’s short hair. Was I the only one who just always assumed it was a wig/weave?

-The director of Jay Z‘s documentary Picasso Baby is refuting rumours that Girls actress Jemima Kirke was removed from the shoot by security.

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower have split, which is going to make the promo tour for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones oodles of fun!

-Lady Gaga stars in a strange Kickstarter video for the Marina Abramović Institute, in which she exercises while totally nekkid.

-The people Cory Monteith was hanging out with the night of his death were his “sober friends.”

Jennifer Aniston gave her favourite waiter a role in her new movie. And here I thought 20% was too generous…

Leonardo DiCaprio has a hovercraft. Of course he does.

-I’m not feeling Blake Lively‘s cover for Elle China. Fab dress, but weird expression/pose.

Cobie Smulders wants to know when she gets her own Tim Hortons doughnut.

Stephen Colbert may have played it for laughs, but MTV really did threaten to cut Daft Punk from the VMAs if the band appeared on his show.

-The Once Upon a Time bloopers are more entertaining than the entirety of season 2.

-More details are emerging about the reasons behind Sly Stallone‘s twitter bitch slapping of Bruce Willis. According to sources, Willis demanded $4 million for four days’ work.

-Do not try to serenade Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She will not like it.

Conan O’Brien does not appreciate a lack of punctuality in his staff.

Amber Tamblyn is joining the cast of Two and a Half Men? This seems like a major career misstep.

-The only good thing about Rashida Jones leaving Parks and Recreation is that the show is planning to bring Retta to the forefront.

Rihanna is a big fan of Drake’s new song, in case that matters to you.

-It’s official. Channing Tatum might actually be the nicest guy alive.

-The first trailer for CBGB has been released. It had me at “starring Alan Rickman.”

-A new George Clooney trailer! A new George Clooney trailer! Guys, this is like xmas morning for me!

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