Fox Plots Cory Monteith’s Exit from Glee


(I’m heading to the Maritimes tonight for an extra long long weekend, and I won’t be back until mid-next week. Until then, feel free to amuse yourself by watching the best Channing Tatum dance routine ever.)

-At the TCA today, the president of Fox said Cory Monteith‘s Finn will be written out of the show in the third episode, which will “deal directly with the incidents involved with Cory’s passing and the drug abuse in particular.” He also added that the sixth season will probably be the show’s last.

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright seems to have gotten over her split from Jamie Campbell Bower. She was spotted making out with a mystery man while on vacation.

Beyonce shared an adorable Instagram photo of her family’s collection of Timberlands.

Simon Pegg dressed up as a drunk Ron Weasley to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday.

Evan Rachel Wood revealed on Twitter that she had a natural home birth inspired by Ricki Lake‘s documentary, The Business of Being Born.

-Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Jennifer Lopez is reportedly very close to signing a deal to return to American Idol.

The New York Times posted a fantastic video with the cast of Breaking Bad. It’s over an hour long, but soo good!

Penelope Cruz directed a lingerie commercial starring her sister and her husband, Javier Bardem.

-I have lots of complicated feelings about Officer Bennett on Orange Is The New Black. One one hand, I think we’re supposed to be leery of how he’s taking advantage of his power to have a relationship with an inmate. On the other hand, he’s sooo dreamy. This interview with the adorable actor doesn’t help.

Justin Bieber has taken to wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which is the least disturbing thing about him these days.

-Meanwhile, Bieb’s BFF Lil Twist has been named in a battery report filed by a woman who claims the incident took place in Bieber’s house.

Miley Cyrus, please stop doing things like this. Whatever this is.

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten plays Marvel villain Venom in a new short film. That might be the worst New York accent I’ve ever heard, but he’s still a cutie.

Jennifer Aniston sat down with Chelsea Handler last night to debunk nudity rumours and talk bachelorette party plans.

-Meanwhile, if you want to watch Aniston talk about cradling balls, check out the new NSFW trailer for We Are the Millers.

-If you thought having Stephen King as a dad just meant enjoying awesome bedtime stories and Cujo residuals, think again. He made his kids read Anna Karenina out loud.

-The plot thickens in the Simon Cowell saga. He hasn’t commented on reports that he impregnated his best friend’s wife, but his friend just named Cowell in his divorce papers.

Aubrey Plaza has a girl crush on Amy Poehler. Who doesn’t? Did anyone see her on Hollywood Game Night last week? The only thing better than Amy Poehler is Drunk Amy Poehler.

Denzel Washington‘s wife said no to his first two marriage proposals. If only she’d said no to the third.

-Meanwhile, here’s a supercut of Denzel laughing.

Rob Lowe may be leaving Parks and Rec at the second half of next season, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving NBC. The network is reportedly trying to finalize a development deal with him.

-A new Elysium clip has surfaced.

Sarah Michelle Gellar says she’d be open to playing Buffy again…but don’t hold your breath.

-The first trailer for Lone Survivor, starring Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana and Mark Wahlberg , has landed. So many feels!

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