Blake Lively’s Not Pregnant

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Green Lantern. (Warner/DC)
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Green Lantern. (Warner/DC)

Blake Lively‘s rep is calling OK!’s cover story about her being pregnant “100% false.” Too bad; her household could use some good news this week.

-Here’s a photo of Matt Bomer dressed up as a fireman, because you deserve it!

-Why did Vogue Photoshop out one of Claire Danes’ legs and assume no one would notice?

Jay Leno showed Aaron Paul an old clip of him on 90210 — and he was adorably mortified.

-Also on last night’s late night circuit, Aubrey Plaza talked about the awkward (and unexpected) masturbation scene in her new film (which, btw, is getting great reviews).

-For a show that came out of nowhere with basically no publicity, Orange Is the New Black is killing it with critics. (Deservedly so. I binged through all 13 episodes in no time.) And it seems like its good word of mouth is paying off: more people watched Orange in its first week on Netflix than Arrested Development.

-I’m really liking Sundance’s new show, in which Jim Rash (Dean Pelton!) takes us into a TV show’s writers’ room. The first episode is all about Breaking Bad.

-Fingers crossed that Jason Reitman puts on another live script reading this year at TIFF. He hosted one last night in L.A. featuring the Breaking Bad pilot, where Rainn Wilson played Walt, Mae Whitman played Jesse, and Ellie Kemper played Marie.

Christina Aguilera (or at least her boobs) stars in Alejandro Fernández‘s new Spanish music video.

Michelle Williams is stunning in her new Louis Vuitton campaign.

-Here’s Donald Glover‘s new song. If he can’t be on Community full-time next season, at least he’s still giving us something.

-What kind of idiot hires Sarah Michelle Gellar for a TV show and then doesn’t put her on its poster? CBS is way overestimating the pull of Robin Williams.

This photo of Jesse Eisenberg‘s reaction to Robert Pattinson kissing a mystery woman slays me.

Kate and William named their baby George Alexander Louis.  Take it away, Twitter!

-In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Bruce Willis is kind of a jerk. Nothing makes me angrier than celebrities who refuse to help you promote their movies because they don’t think doing publicity is “fun” enough. It’s like they expect every part of their (already amazing) job to be blissful, and don’t want to play the promotion game because they didn’t get into acting to “sell.” Do you think a doctor has ever said “I’ll perform surgeries, but I refuse to fill in the charts because I didn’t get into medicine to do paperwork”?

-Here’s the first official look at Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix.

-I’m loving that this 1-minute horror short that was shot in Nova Scotia is going viral today.

Lost‘s Josh Holloway singing on Yo Gabba Gabba will make you melt.

-Congratulations, Piper Perabo! You managed to find the most unflattering shorts in the history of the world!

-The first clip for Elysium has landed. I hope this movie is as good as it looks.

-I really liked this interview with Tatiana Maslany. Still can’t believe she didn’t get an Emmy nod!

-The trailer they showed for Gravity at Comic Con is breathtaking. Nothing beats one of Alfonso Cuaron‘s signature long tracking shots.

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