Emma Roberts Looks Bruised Following Arrest

Emma Roberts in Celeste & Jesse Forever (Sony Pictures Classics)

-TMZ has photos of a bruised-looking Emma Roberts taken after her bizarre arrest for domestic violence. She was also photographed crying with her boyfriend after the news broke.

-In the new issue of AllureKate Moss shoots down rumors of past anorexia and heroin use.

Beyonce and Jay-Z delighted onlookers in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood when they were spotted lunching  (with Blue Ivy!) at Cafe Nervosa before the tonight’s Legends of The Summer show.

Growing Pains dad Alan Thicke co-wrote a song on his son Robin Thicke’s new album. Let’s hope it’s a little less confusing than “Blurred Lines.”

-This blind item has everyone buzzing (or at least my Twitter peeps). Any else feeling desperate for a cup of Nespresso after reading it?

Stacy Keibler insists her breakup from George Clooney had nothing to do with her wanting to get married.

Ryan Gosling says the worst thing you can call someone is “dumb hipster.” Sounds like he needs some insult training from that c*nt-punching sorority girl.

-According to TMZ, Cory Monteith‘s body was cremated yesterday in Vancouver following a private viewing with his family and girlfriend Lea Michele, and Cory’s father (who lives in New Brunswick) is devastated he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

-Remember that report last week about a woman who was threatening a British rock star to pay up or else she’d go public with news of their secret love child? I’m guessing this story about Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher being sued by a woman claiming to be his baby mama is connected.

Jon Hamm was on Craig Ferguson‘s show last night, being a total charm-bomb.

Forbes released its annual list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. I get how Robert Downey Jr. topped the list, and I’m pleasantly surprised that Channing Tatum came in second, but Mark Wahlberg is fourth? Really?

Brad Pitt‘s transformation into a Disney princess is nearly complete.

EW put out a bunch of different covers for their Walking Dead issue. Norman Reedus‘ better be the one that lands in my mailbox! Also, the cover shoot video in which he talks about a burgeoning Glenn/Daryl romance amused me.

Justin Bieber got a tattoo of his mom’s eye on his arm, which is not creepy at all.

Snooki is so skinny now that she’s got that alien head thing going on.

-Awkwardness alert! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were nominated for Best Kiss at the Teen Choice Awards.

Mary-Louise Parker may quit acting because the internet is too mean.

-If you’re not caught up on Breaking Bad yet (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), this 9-minute recap of everything that’s happened so far is great.

Jennifer Aniston keeps wearing baby doll dresses, which people think means she’s pregnant. I think it means that she’s discovered that baby doll dresses are the most comfortable way to deal with a heat wave without getting arrested.

-Here’s the first trailer for The Fifth Estate. Benedict Cumberbatch gives good Assange!

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