No, Miley Cyrus is Not Pregnant


Miley Cyrus had to deny pregnancy rumours…because somehow all of those half-nekkid photos she’s been posting on Instagram haven’t convinced everyone yet.

-Apparently, the whole Kaidence report was just a big psych-out and Kim and Kanye‘s baby’s name is still a mystery. Great, ’cause we really didn’t want this story to end any time soon…

John Travolta said some very nice things about James Gandolfini on GMA today, including revealing that James stayed by his side when his son Jett died.

-Meanwhile, there’s talk that Gandolfini‘s posthumous project, directed by Nicole Holofcener, may premiere at TIFF.

-I got lost down a rabbit hole of the incredible Gandolfini retrospectives that were written today, which made me sad. Then I read about the latest Kickstarter controversy, which made me sadder. But then I saw this, and life got a little better.

-A new (but maybe really old) Drake song has debuted online.

Kate Upton posed topless on a horse and the internet exploded.

Nicole Richie is showing off her dance moves in a new YouTube video, in which she goes to a dance studio to learn some new hip hop routines.

-FX has picked up a Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence sitcom. This will lead to nothing good.

-I really liked this Variety article on TV Men Behaving Badly (namely Charlie Sheen and Dan Harmon).

EW posted a chapter excerpt from Chuck Klosterman‘s I Wear the Black Hat. I can’t wait until this book comes out; I’ve re-read Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs a lot.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene are showing off bikini pics from their vacation in Bali.

-I love this. NME gave Tom Odell‘s new album zero stars, which led to his dad phoning the magazine to complain old-school style.

Emma Stone and Judd Apatow had what appeared to be the most fun lunch date in history.

Max Greenfield just confirmed that he’ll be back as Deputy Leo in the Veronica Mars flick. Yay!

-Meanwhile, I’m liking all the pics that are coming from the set.

-People really, really like David Beckham. His appearance in China caused a stampede among fans, injuring at least seven people.

-I always kind of got the impression that Shameless costars Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin hated each other (mostly because of interviews like this), but she says she had a panic attack when she found out he was leaving the show.

Gaby Hoffman (who I love — so glad she’s back!) recalls a time when Mel Gibson screamed at her on set and made her cry.

George Stroumboulopoulos was very cute and charming on Chelsea Lately last night.

Robert Downey Jr. just signed on for the next two Avengers movies, as if there were any doubt. But what about Iron Man 4?

-In other sequel news, we’re apparently getting Bad Teacher 2 for some unknown reason.

Nigella Lawson has been spotted sans wedding ring following that choking incident.

Russell Brand says he tried to flirt with Mila Kunis on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall but she was having none of it.

-Somehow, Jennifer Lopez managed to land a star on the Walk of Fame.

-The elusive Meg Ryan just made a public appearance in Italy. It almost physically hurts to look at her face these days.

-You know those ridiculously useless “next week on Mad Men” promos, which basically feature characters closing doors and saying things like “what?” and “oh”? Matthew Weiner admits that they’re just there to mess with us.

-Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

-The first trailer for The Spectacular Now has landed. It had me even before I saw Coach Taylor. And then Saul Goodman popped up!

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