Tributes Pour in for James Gandolfini from Celebrities, Costars

James Gandolfini in the final scene of The Sopranos. (HBO)

-The news of James Gandolfini‘s death is so very, very sad. He was on vacation with his family in Italy when he had a heart attack. Celebrities were quick to react on Twitter with condolences and memories. His costars have also weighed in.

-I very much liked Emily Nussbaum‘s article on how Gandolfini changed the whole notion of acting on television.

-Between Vulture’s beautiful piece on Gandolfini and Stephen Colbert‘s tearful tribute to his mother on last night’s Colbert Report, I’m a bit of a mess.

-God bless Jimmy Kimmel for creating a music video for “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum,” featuring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Olivia Munn, Gabourey Sidibe, Miley Cyrus and — wait, was that Matt Damon?

Mariah Carey‘s Instagram page continues to deliver more gifts than Santa himself. Check out the skimpy bikini pics she just posted.

-Don’t try to grab Rihanna while she’s in the middle of a song. She’ll hit you with her microphone. Hard.

-Meanwhile, she just passed Justin Bieber as YouTube’s No. 1.

-Is Justin’s ex Selena Gomez hooking up with Ed Sheeran? And is it weird that I’m kind of rooting for them?

Serena Williams tried to clarify what she meant when she basically told Rolling Stone that the Steubenville rape victim was asking for it.

Entertainment Weekly has some exclusive video from their Divergent cover shoot with Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Man, I hope they let him keep that accent in the movie.

-Meanwhile, Shailene revealed that she’s been cut from the next Spider Man movie. I’m relieved. I’m sure she’ll be fine as Mary Jane, but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to Emma Stone‘s Gwen yet.

Bryan Cranston did a rather awesome AMA on Reddit yesterday, where he talked about the end of Breaking Bad, throwing pizzas, and pranking Aaron Paul with dildos. We also learned that he voiced a bunch of big bads on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

New Girl’s Jake Johnson and Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza play a couple in JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound‘s new music video.

-Speaking of music videos, Miley Cyrus‘ new one for “We Can’t Stop” features stretch pants, french fry skulls and crotches that emit smoke. And back arching. SO MUCH BACK ARCHING.

-No surprise here: Charlie Sheen ended up getting Selma Blair fired from Anger Management yesterday.

-I could not devour this THR story about Aaron Sorkin and the drama in The Newsroom‘s writing room fast enough.

-It’s really cute how Tyra Banks keeps trying to make us believe she eats bacon.

Paula Deen doesn’t just use butter liberally; she also is very generous with her use of the n-word.

-What? Sam Taylor-Johnson has reportedly signed on to direct 50 Shades of Grey, with her (awesomely much younger) hubby Aaron Taylor-Johnson in talks to play Christian Grey? WHAT??? (Or, as Ana’s stupid inner goddess would say, “Holy crap!”)

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon yodelled on some NYC rooftops last night.

Kristen Stewart looks exactly like I would look if asked to pose with a bunch of Hooters waitresses.

Questlove talks about the time he went roller-skating with Prince and Eddie Murphy in this excerpt from his new book.

Axe Cop is shaping up to be the perfect animated comedy, landing voice talent from Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Ken Marino and Patton Oswalt.

-In other voice news, the new LEGO movie trailer just came out, featuring the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Elizabeth Banks, and Anna Faris.

-Did Tom Hardy quit Twitter already? But his feel was SO. GOOD.

-Sadness: Nick Stahl was placed on a an involuntary psychiatric hold last night.

Beyonce laughs in the face of pregnancy rumours by posting photos of her in a crop top.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunited last night to be surprise guests at Pitbull’s Hollywood Bowl concert, which also featured (ugh) Chris Brown.

-Sweet! New episodes of Luther will start airing in the UK (and, god willing, all over the interwebs) on July 2!

Madonna just showed us how to do wigs well. Cher just showed us the opposite.

-Pour yourself a glass of scotchy scotch scotch — the Anchorman 2 trailer has arrived.

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