Rebel Wilson Lands First Magazine Cover

-I love the pool photo inside Rebel Wilson‘s Glamour UK issue. Let’s all cross our fingers that her new TV show works out the kinks before its fall premiere. Early reviews have been unkind.

-An adorable photo is making the rounds today of Robert Downey Jr. making a child weep from the realization that he’s just a normal dude and Iron Man isn’t real.

Jennifer Carpenter‘s camp denies she’s a homewrecker — and her boyfriend’s wife is backing her up.

Prince William was spotted taking public transportation. First class public transportation, but still.

-There is a lot of talk about how people aren’t going to be able to get through the entire Man of Steel film without falling in love with Henry Cavill. Cripes, I could barely get through this article.

-Also, I don’t know why Michael Shannon was belting out Bon Jovi at the Man of Steel premiere, but I approve!

Andre Drummond just did to Chris Brown what the rest of us only dreams about.

Sex and the City producer Darren Star is developing a new show described as “a Modern Family from a toddler’s point of view.”  This might be the worst news I’ve ever heard.

Emma Watson is jumping on the Game of Thrones-esque bandwagon by starring in an adaptation of Queen of Tearlings.

-Speaking of GoT, here’s season 3 as told in infographics.

-I never, ever thought I’d agree with Chloë Sevigny on fashion, but girl’s got a point about the “denim underwear” trend.

Jennifer Lopez was in the middle of a radio interview when she got the call that she landed a major movie role, and her reaction was surprisingly sweet and endearing. Let’s just hope the role is more this, less this.

The Rock tweeted this photo of him giving a pep talk to some inmates at a prison.

-Wearing Givenchy menswear is suddenly a big trend with Hollywood actresses. Um, okay.

-Speaking of bad fashion choices, the Olsen twins celebrated their 27th birthdays by wearing ugly matching sandals.

Steve Coogan reprises his famous Alan Partridge role in this new movie, which looks hilarious.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan talks about the final eight episodes in the new issue of EW. I can’t believe the one I got in the mail has Dexter on the cover. I wanted this one!

-It’s weird that people are shocked by George Takei‘s revelation that he doesn’t write all his own Facebook posts. I kind of assume it’s like that with most celebrities’ social media feeds.

Jason Segel has a new girlfriend.

-A fan captured footage of Ryan Gosling in director mode while shooting his new movie in Detroit.

-Shocking report: it turns out that Kristen Stewart may not be super thrilled about pal Katy Perry hanging out with ex Robert Pattinson. I know, right? So irrational!

Lindsay Lohan is out of the Betty Ford clinic — and into a new “luxury” rehab facility in Malibu.

-I love all the press Tatiana Maslany is getting right now. Love it!

Wes Bentley is bringing his sexiness to HBO for Ryan Murphy’s new show.

Amanda Bynes says she would never marry a German. Aww! It’s adorable that she thinks anyone would want to marry her these days.

Donald Trump gets into Twitter wars all the time, but perhaps he should stay away from ones with TV writers who can totally own him.

-The world continues to be scared of Rihanna’s breasts.

-Wait, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are getting together in the next Captain America movie? I thought her character was making eyes at Jeremy Renner’s in The Avengers? Did I imagine that?

-Speaking of Chris Evans, here’s the trailer for his new movie Snowpiercer.

-In other movie news, I may not care about the new Hobbit movie but this reaction video to yesterday’s trailer is kind of cute. And then even cuter is the video of stars Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly and Lee Pace watching the reaction video.

-They’re making a sequel to 300? Even the presence of the awesome Lena Headey can’t push me to see that.

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