Brad Pitt’s World War Z Cost $200 Million, Reshot Entire Ending


Brad Pitt (well, mostly his teeth) covers Vanity Fair this month, and the article focuses on the “nightmare” production of World War Z. Is there any way this movie won’t tank?

-A movie that has zero chance of tanking is Iron Man 3 (it’s already made $195 million overseas). I saw it last night and it was great. (If I have time I’ll try to post a review later in the week). And you know what I liked most about it? Gwyneth Paltrow. I KNOW! Trust me, you’re going to feel the same way. You might want to prepare yourself with Vulture’s Practical Guide to Not Hating Gwyneth in Iron Man 3, though.

-Meanwhile, Gwyneth recommends ending fights with blowjobs. Yup, that should do it.

-I love that Vulture introduced Mark Ruffalo to the homo-erotic “Science Bros” Internet fan art of him with Robert Downey Jr — and I love his reaction.

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore appear to have ended their feud — with yoga.

Rebel Wilson broke out some improv dance moves on Fallon last night. I feel like “I’m holding too much eye contact while thrusting” will soon be sweeping the clubs.

-Whelp! Lindsay Lohan may start a blog about her 90-day stint in rehab.

-It’s a long one, but you should try to carve a few minutes out of your day to read the transcript of Steven Soderbergh‘s impassioned ‘state of cinema’ speech, which he gave at the San Francisco Film Festival. “Now I’m going to attempt to show how a certain kind of rodent might be smarter than a studio when it comes to picking projects.”

-This is kind of awesome: Geri Halliwell and Mel B were hanging out at an pub when Mel dared Geri to serenade a group of strangers with a Spice Girls song.

-In other ‘former coworkers hanging out’ news, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow ran into each other at an art show.

Kim Kardashian is asking for donations to a children’s hospital in lieu of baby gifts, which is nice and selfless and my world no longer makes sense.

-I haven’t watched Rectify, but I do appreciate their use of Cracker‘s “Low” in this scene.

-Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult back together? The exes were photographed grabbing dinner last night.

-At last week’s Calgary Comic Expo, Will Wheaton gave an impromptu, awesome speech about the joys of being a nerd.

-Speaking of nerds who rule the world, Chris Hardwick just landed another(!) TV show.

Amanda Bynes has reportedly demanded full access to all of the money that had previously been invested on her behalf. This can’t end well.

-Oh, and now Amanda Bynes is hate-Tweeting at Drake.

-Speaking of Drake, Rihanna followed him on Instagram, which quickly led to Chris Brown unfollowing her. Dramaz!

-Meanwhile, is Chris begging Rihanna to take him back on his new song?

Tom Hanks leads Tony nominations, but Scarlett Johansson got snubbed.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has returned to a facility to treat her bipolar II disorder. According to sources, it was planned.

-Is someone pregnant on Parks and Recreation? My guess in April.

Anne Hathaway was so desperate to escape the paparazzi at LAX, she hung out in a stranger’s car until hers arrived.

-Is Kiera Knightley getting married in France this weekend?

Hilary Duff is guest-starring on Two and a Half Men. That explains her expression.

-This is cool. H&M just put a plus sized model on their homepage like it was ain’t no thang.

-The creator of Breaking Bad says the finale will be “victorious.” We’re guessing not for Walt, though.

Carey Mulligan looks lovely on the cover the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

-Man, I can’t even remember the last time I saw a photo of Johnny Depp without all the scarves and jewelry. I missed his face!

-The cast of Arrested Development converged on the red carpet last night, and the most hilarious coverage of it came from the show’s official Twitter feed.

-The finale Fast & Furious 6 trailer has landed. So…yeah.

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