Justin Bieber Posts Cozy Photo of Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber just can’t stop Instagramming snuggly photos of Selena Gomez with his shirtless self. No matter how much we may want him to.

-Yet another reason to get excited about the new season of Arrested Development: John Krasinski will make a cameo.

-An interview Reese Witherspoon did before her arrest just hit newsstands. She’s probably wishing she hadn’t talked about trying not to be an “arrogant jerk” right about now…

-In other silly interviews, Miley Cyrus talks to Elle about how it “seems right” to keep wearing her engagement ring and says she and Liam Hemsworth were “too nice to the world” by divulging private information about their lives on Twitter. Yes, it’s clearly our fault. Damn us for clamouring for all those photos of her puppy!

-Some songs from The Great Gatsby soundtrack were released today. Everyone’s talking about Beyonce and Andre 3000‘s “Back to Black” cover, but I’m preferring Sia’s new tune.

-Guys! Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire had a baby!

-Judging by these new photos, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard‘s on-again/off-again relationship is very much on-again.

Jake Gyllenhaal is getting lots of women in NYC all hot and bothered.

-Security reportedly got a little too violent when a fan approached Ashton Kutcher at Stagecoach (which is Coachella’s country cousin).

-Speaking of Kutcher, his Two and a Half Men costar Angus T. Jones will not be a full-time cast member when the show returns.

Chris Martin is into cupping with his wife. (Still not as dirty as it sounds.)

-Meanwhile, Chris and Gwyneth joined Jay-Z and Beyonce for a soccer-watching double date.

Zach Braff managed to reach his $2 million Kickstarter goal in just three days. If the studios hadn’t taken notice with the Veronica Mars campaign, you can bet they have now.

-I usually hate it when Hollywood tries to make a star “happen,” but I’ll make an exception for Taylor Kitsch, who seems to have an endless supply of second chances. Sadly, I don’t think starring in Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming HBO flick is going to do it for him.

-This will make lots of people I know happy: Neutral Milk Hotel is reuniting for their first concerts in 15 years.

-The surviving members of the Beastie Boys are planning to write a memoir.

-This new Star Trek: Into Darkness clip is very Benedict Cumberbatch-y.

-In other movie news, Colin Firth is in talks to play a Bond-ish character in an adaptation of the comic book The Secret Service.

-Wait, when did Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough become BFFs?

-I have very, very low tolerance for tortured artist, woe-is-me-ish interviews but I kind of agree with everything Penn Badgley says about Gossip Girl in this one.

-In other GG news, it looks like Leighton Meester is still going strong with Adam Brody.

Paris Jackson is reconnecting with her mother Debbie Rowe, according to People.

Steven Soderbergh is writing a novella on Twitter, for some reason.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s romantic tour of gas stations and convenience stores continues.

-Is Harry Styles dating Kimberly Stewart? Do we care?

-Here’s a photo of The Walking Dead’s Normus Reed photobombing the Game of Thrones cast, just ’cause.

-In case you missed it, last night’s The Good Wife season finale killed it.

Guillermo Del Toro just posted the Pacific Rim footage he showed at WonderCon on YouTube, and it looks amazing! My love of Idris Elba may be blinding me…but I don’t think that’s it. Am I wrong?

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