Gwyneth Paltrow: Hated But Beautiful


-The one good thing about Gwyneth Paltrow being named People’s Most Beautiful Woman? Jezebel linked to my silly little Tumblr in their story about it! I can die happy now.

Anne Hathaway is clearly upset that Gwyneth beat her in that recent Most Hated Celebrity poll, but this should give her an edge for next year: she’s reportedly considering her first Broadway role. [Update: her rep’s denied it. Keep trying, Annie! You’re almost there!]

Rihanna Instagrammed (then quickly deleted) a topless pic, and now she’s insisting it wasn’t of her. Not that she’s suddenly shy on social media; she followed it up by tweeting about  Katy Perry spanking her.

-Speaking of Katy, she filed a $6.5 million counterclaim against Good Hair Day, saying they continued to use her name and image after dropping her endorsement deal.

-If you haven’t seen Tilda Swinton lead an audience dance-along to Barry White at last weekend’s Ebertfest, stop everything and watch it now. It will make you love life.

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon imitated Ellen on today’s Ellen and it was glorious.

-As someone who’s supported two Kickstarter campaigns in the past month, I clearly believe it can be an inventive way to get quality pop culture made outside the traditional Hollywood system, but even I’m a little wary of Zach Braff’s new donation plea. Though I might be in the minority; this afternoon he was raising roughly $1,500 every minute.

Justin Bieber got two new, terrible tattoos: a tiger and an angel. But that’s still not as bad as the look he was sporting earlier today. What. Is. Happening.

-Oh, and Justin‘s manager says he has 240 unrecorded songs in his journal, so we all have that to look forward to…

-Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey approves of Justin‘s shirtless style.

-Vulture posted some very cute photos from the Time 100 gala, proving that Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham were the life of the party.

-As American Idol’s ratings continue to bottom out, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that producers recently tried to replace Mariah Carey with ex-judge Jennifer Lopez. How does the public not love Mariah? Haven’t they seen her pyjama pics?!

-Showtime has released a new clip from the Dexter season premiere. Deb is drinking in the middle of a grocery store, which can’t be a good sign.

-I am really not sold on Shailene Woodley as the lead in The Fault in our Stars, but I don’t mind her as the lead in Divergent (especially after seeing this pic.)

This story about a young girl who has taken thousands of photos with celebrities is kind of disturbing…especially when you get to the part when she starts dating the kid from Two and a Half Men.

-Let’s hope Greetings from Tim Buckley is a hit. Penn Badgley says he has no plans to return to television. “Nothing could drag me back.”

-Odd couple Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy continue to wig us out with their PDA.

Tony and Pepper share a sweet moment in this new clip from Iron Man 3. I’m actually starting to look forward to this thing!

Jason Segel continues to be the luckiest overgrown child in Hollywood. His children’s book just got picked up by Random House.

Sharon Osbourne says she was devastated to learn the extent of husband Ozzy‘s substance abuse.

Vincent Kartheiser really, really doesn’t like the Huffington Post.

Julie Delpy has been hitting the promo circuit hard for Before Midnight and she’s worn long-sleeved black dresses to four out of her last five appearances. The woman knows what works on her! She also knows how to shut down an obnoxious audience member.

-Here’s the new XX song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Love!

-A new Japanese trailer for The Wolverine offers a longer glimpse at the action sequences.

Wedding Crashers costars Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper were spotted grabbing lunch together, but they’re sticking to the “just friends” story.

-This could be…interesting. Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are rumoured to be in a new Guys and Dolls movie.

Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee, Lynne Ramsay and Christoph Waltz will be on this year’s Cannes jury.

-The more I see of Emma Watson in Bling Ring footage, the more I can’t wait to see this movie. She nails the Valley Girl talk!

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