Bradley Cooper Visits Boston Victims in Hospital

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman tweeted this photo from Boston Medical Centre where he visited survivor Jeff Bauman Jr. with actor Bradley Cooper. (

-Here’s a spot of brightness on a day filled with terrible news: Bradley Cooper visited Jeff Bauman Jr., the man who had his legs blown off in the Boston attack (and who helped identify the bombers as soon as he woke up), as well as some other victims in the hospital.

-Meanwhile, Amy Poehler taped a Boston-themed episode of Ask Amy and it’s beautiful. “I kind of feel like my eyes need a break.” Word.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer dined two tables away from each other. Awkwardness ensued.

-It looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. She showed up in Norway, where he’s touring right now. Also, someone snapped a photo of his iPhone and his screensaver is a photo of her. Evidence, yo!

-Is John Krasinski‘s new beard hot or not? ‘Cause apparently it’s up for a vote.

-My absolute favourite scene of Penn Badgley in Greetings from Tim Buckley has been released, which means you probably don’t have to go see it any more. But you should anyway.

-The awesome Jennifer Lawrence is being honoured with a Down Syndrome Friendship Award because of her awesome relationship with this awesome dude.

-Boo-urns! Joss Whedon says he won’t have time to work on Dr. Horrible 2 until after The Avengers 2.

-I’m glad to see Eddie Pepitone is finally getting some love/fame. He’s a great comedian who’s long overdue for a breakout. His “how’d you get this shirt so fresh?” bit might just be one of my favourite things ever.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s “please like me” tour continues. She cupped a fellow guest’s crotch on The Graham Norton Show (and was a good sport while being teased about quinoa). Then she hung out with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson at a Tiffany event. Too bad about the dress.

This pic pretty much sums up why I’ll be going to see Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy‘s new buddy cop movie.

-I’m not usually a slam poetry fan (Leslie Knope said it best), but this is freakin’ awesome.

-It took a million trillion years (or maybe two), but Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are finally divorced.

Robert Pattinson will reunite with Canadian director David Cronenberg for a new movie called Maps of the Stars, costarring Julianne Moore and John Cusack.

-Meanwhile, RPattz was spotted running errands with KStew yesterday.

Tilda Swinton is just doing her thing. Her weird, incomprehensible thing. (Also, her boyfriend is hawt!)

Glee just got renewed for not one, but two seasons? I think I speak for everyone when I ask whyyyyy?!

-In other TV news, this week’s Big Bang Theory repeat beat American Idol in the ratings. Ouchie!

This video on why you should just watch the Coachella live-stream instead of going to the festival is pretty bang-on. I mean, I love going, but she’s not wrong.

-Speaking of Coachella vids, I adore the 360° videos they’ve released from weekend 1. I was somewhere in that sweaty mess during the Paul Oakenfold one.

Seth MacFarlane has been asked to host the Oscars again.

-It’s James Franco‘s 35th birthday so he posted a poem that “captures” how he feels. Get ready to strain something with all the eyerolling that is sure to commence as soon as you start reading it.

T.J. Jackson has been granted $9,000 a month to be co-guardian of Michael Jackson‘s kids.

-Not surprisingly, the new show from Breaking Bad‘s exec producers, Rectify, is getting rave reviews.

-A clip from Amazon’s new show Alpha House, starring Bill Murray, pretty much just shows him yelling “fuck” over and over while brushing his teeth and shaving at the same time. (In other words, it’s perfect.) Another trailer is below, which oddly doesn’t feature Bill at all.

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