Rihanna Splits from Chris Brown, Celebrates with ‘Epic’ Night


Rihanna and Chris Brown have reportedly split up (again) after photos of him getting flirty with a blonde surfaced, but she doesn’t seem too heartbroken over it. She Instagrammed this leggy photo with the caption “Evidence of an epic night!!! #wokeupinmyTomFordes” the morning after she was spotted at a Hollywood club where ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp happened to be hanging out. Oh, and she was photographed smoking what looks like a blunt.

-In other suspicious smoke news, Amanda Bynes was snapped lighting up in NYC.

-I hope Mariah Carey never, ever stops Tweeting! Check out the insane photos she just posted.

Lindsay Lohan just blew off her deposition in a lawsuit. Must be Tuesday.

-However, Lindsay actually managed to show up to record the Late Show with David Letterman.

-Despite being photographed going for sushi together, Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron are not dating because “she’s not his type.” Yup, you read that right. She’s not his type!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Lovato bonded after meeting on a flight.

-I had no clue that the guy who plays Sebastian on The Carrie Diaries has been dating Vanessa Hudgens for a while. I just assumed he appeared in a puff of hairspray and lips the day that show started filming.

Penelope Cruz‘s baby bump is getting bigger.

Taylor Swift continues to make it impossible to hate her by taking a cancer survivor to the ACM Awards.

-Meanwhile, I really like the way Taylor is styled on this magazine cover (even though it was shot by  Terry Richardson, which means I’m automatically deducting 20 points for creepiness).

-Speaking of country stars, Brad Paisley tried desperately to defend “Accidental Racist” but kind of sucked at it.

Madonna has been slammed by the president of Malawi for her flip-flopping school plans.

-I dug this interview with Mad Men’s John Slattery, in which he talks about how he had to sob in the last episode. (“Oh shit, man. I’ve gotta sob? How am I going to sob? Who sobs?”)

-Meanwhile, Game of Thrones trumped Mad Men in the ratings.

Tom Cruise opened up a little bit about Katie Holmes‘ decision to abruptly end their marriage, saying “I didn’t expect that.”

Avril Lavigne is talking about her impending wedding. So this thing is really happening, huh?

-AMC is actually considering a Saul-based Breaking Bad spinoff. As much as I love and adore BB, I’m getting ulcer-y just thinking about this…

-Ice queen Nicole Kidman is pretending to be all boho and carefree in this commercial for vitamins, which is even more awkward than it sounds.

-Good on George Stroumboulopoulos! He just landed a CNN gig (though he’ll reportedly be back at CBC this fall.)

Christina Aguilera‘s camp is denying reports that she’s getting married this summer.

-Is Ashley Tisdale still a thing? I guess she is cause she’s showing her cleave on the cover on the latest issue of Maxim.

-When geek universes collide: The Doctor’s new companion is dating Robb Stark IRL.

Jennifer Hudson, Will Smith and Scarlett Johansson are among the stars urging Obama to reform US drug laws.

-Do not film James McAvoy when he’s playing Macbeth. He’ll stop in the middle of his performance to yell at you.

Kristen Stewart turns 23 today. Send her something pretty.

Rachel McAdams was great on Kimmel last night, discussing why she chose to stay in Toronto instead of move to LA. I just wish her story about the grocer wasn’t so forced, though. Kimmel was clearly prompting her, which only happens on talk shows where the entire segment is decided in the pre-interview. That’s why Craig Ferguson rocks — he refuses to do that.

-The trailer for Rush, the Chris Hemsworth/Ron Howard racing movie, has dropped.

Jen McDonnell is an entertainment freelancer and social media specialist. She put her celeb stalking skills to good use as managing editor of www.dose.ca. Likes: pop culture, celebrity dirt, guilty pleasure TV, George Clooney, cheese. Dislikes: people who use 'begs the question' incorrectly. Follow Jen on Twitter @jen_mcdonnell. Follow Jen

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