Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Split

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen in a scene from Midnight in Paris. (Photo: Sony Pictures Classics)

-Sad news: Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are going their separate ways after two years together. (True story: I was once on a date at an artsy film and they sat next to me and I totally eavesdropped on their post-film convo because they were saying really deep, insightful things about the movie, while I had no clue what the hell I just saw. So thank you, guys, for making me sound like I totally understood the symbolic meaning of characters who wore animal masks and screamed at the moon…)

-Speaking of stars who just went through a split, Michelle Williams looks anything but sad in this kicky lil’ Victoria Beckham number. Her follow-up outfit was also good.

-Speaking of Oz the Great and Powerful stars, Marina Abramovic is making a movie about the life of James Franco. Sigh.

-Meanwhile, did you know Franco scored a cool $7 million to star in Oz? Sigh squared.

Simmer downChloë Moretz!

-Is it OK to be drooly about Nicolas Hoult‘s photo spread in GQ? ‘Cause it’s all kinds of good, but I can’t quite get over that he’s the kid from About a Boy.

Jennifer Aniston is getting married and she’s already picked out a dress and date, which totally deserves a People cover story because no woman in the history of the world has done that ever.

Prince William went all knight-in-shining-armour on a group of hikers.

-I am by no means a fan of celebrity photographer/professional creep Terry Richardson, but his Oscar photos don’t suck.

Ginnifer Goodwin actually wore something that I kind of love to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. The makeup is terrible, but still.

-Meanwhile, I so wish Amy Adams wore her Oscar de la Renta afterparty dress the entire night and just skipped the one she wore to the ceremony all together. Gorg!

Zoe Saldana, however, should never have changed out of her Alexis Mabille gown for this monstrosity. Oof!

Tina Fey just crushed our dreams by declaring that she’ll never host the Oscars. Hug me.

Madonna’s camp is trying to squash rumours that she dissed Demi Moore by not inviting her to her annual Oscar bash.

-Did Liam Hemsworth make out with January Jones at a pre-Oscar party? Probably not, but everyone’s throwing shade at him anyway.

Jennifer Lawrence has apologized for forgetting to thank David O Russell and Harvey Weinstein in her Oscar speech.

-Also, check out this behind-the-scenes video of Jennifer Lawrence’s Miss Dior campaign.

Billie Joe Armstrong gave a candid interview about his decision to enter rehab.

Mila Kunis looks like an anime character on the new cover of Marie Clarie.

-Is Stacy Keibler talking to her ex-boyfriend behind George Clooney‘s back? Bitch, please!

Tom Cruise was spotted by the paps spending time with Suri in London.

Kirsten Dunst was overheard complaining about having to wear designer clothes during Paris fashion week and kslwooiewjfjoww. (Sorry, I just started mashing my keyboard with my fists…)

-Someone threw a shoe at Harry Styles’ groin during a One Direction concert. Stop that, Taylor!

No Doubt have scraped their tour plans to record new music (possibly because their last album sucked.)

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane‘s split was ‘mutual,‘ says his papa James Brolin.

Kristen Bell flashed her bulging baby bump to the paps.

-In other baby news, Perez Hilton is a new dad.

-Jezebel knocks it out of the park with this article on sexism fatigue (subtitled “Seth MacFarlane is a complete ass and you don’t even notice.”)

Lena Dunham is standing up for Anne Hathaway while dissing Seth MacFarlane.

-Meanwhile, this fake Lena Dunham audition tape is kind of great (though it’s clearly spoofing Hannah, not Lena. I think more people would like Girls if they understood the distinction.)

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