Katie Holmes Glows in New Beauty Ad


Katie Holmes‘ first Bobbi Brown ad is actually quite stunning. Well played, Joey Potter!

-On the other end of the spectrum, this might be the worst Sarah Jessica Parker Photoshop fail ever.

Kate Middelton showed off a visible baby bump in a grey MaxMara dress.

Michael Jackson‘s 16-year-old son, Prince, now has a job as an Entertainment Tonight correspondent. Even though showbiz is the LAST place this kid should be right now, he seems well-adjusted and poised in his first interview with the cast of Oz. (I love how Zach Braff is all nice and encouraging, while James Franco just keeps smirking at him like “I could have been a teen reporter; I just didn’t wanna.”)

Alison Brie showed off her freestyle, in-no-way-rehearsed-ahead-of-time rapping skills on Fallon last night.

Rihanna debuted her new fashion line at London Fashion Week – and the reviews were abysmal. No wonder she doesn’t even appear in the campaign.

-Speaking of fashion, Jessica Chastain better get this kind of crap out of her system before Sunday.

Nicole Kidman wore this L’Wren Scott dress to the Stoker premiere — the night before it debuted on the runway at London Fashion Week. Oh, you fancy, huh?

This photo of Kanye West with Aziz Ansari‘s parents is all kinds of great!

Up All Night was dead the second Christina Applegate quit; it’s bullshit that they’re trying to claim Maya Rudolph’s pregnancy is a factor.

Hugh Grant is a new father — and this time doesn’t seem to have any problems announcing it.

-In other new daddy news, did Jeremy Renner‘s baby mama give birth to a daughter?

-In case you missed it because you live in one of the lucky provinces who got yesterday off (high five!), Fergie and Josh Duhamel are expecting their first kid. It’s starting to come up roses for him: Safe Haven opened to stronger-than-expected numbers at the box office. (Unlike Beautiful Creatures, which everyone in the world except for me seemed to realize was meant to be avoided at all costs. Why didn’t you warn me, world?!)

Alec Baldwin‘s yoga instructor wife Hilaria is being sued by a student who claims he incurred “serious” and “severe” injuries from her class, further proving my “exercise is evil” theory.

-Also, 30 Rock has barely ended, and already Alec and Tracy Morgan are throwing each other under buses.

Britney Spears‘ new boyfriend is does “field research” for a law firm. Wait, so he’s Kalinda?

-Whoa. Clive Davis reveals he’s bi in his new memoir.

-Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson has some corrections for Clive‘s memoir (specifically the crying-in-his-office part).

Amanda Seyfried says she has a history of being “attracted to creeps.” Wonder if she’s talking about him? Or him? Or him? Or him? Or maybe him?

-Awww. Courteney Cox posted a cute reunion photo with Matthew Perry on Twitter.

-Well, at least there’s a teeny, tiny glimmer of hope in the Mindy McCready saga: Vivid Entertainment has pulled her sex tape following her suicide.

-Despite the presence of a (very ugly) ring, Katy Perry and John Mayer aren’t engaged.

-That deli that accused Forest Whittaker of stealing has apologized – and insists it isn’t racist.

-Headline: “Is Harry Styles way more mature & diplomatic than Taylor Swift?” Answer: yes.

-Meanwhile, Taylor is being sued by a Canadian concert promoter.

Renee Zellweger — looking slightly less scary skinny than usual — packed on the PDA with her BF in Hawaii.

-I kind of love that Jim Sturgess is dating his costar from Cloud Atlas because they were freaking hot together in that movie (which I actually kind of enjoyed).

The Canyons star James Deen says nice things about Lindsay Lohan; adorably expects us to buy it.

-Even though it’s a superhero-themed show and that’s not really my bag, I’m excited for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming ABC series.

-Speaking of TV stuff, check out this great gallery of New Girl‘s Nick’s craziest moves — as told in GIFs, complete with Jake Johnson’s commentary.

Christina Ricci is the latest celebrity to forget to do the camera flash test before leaving the house.

Lil Wayne told concertgoers that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife. She responded with some kinda denial-y RTs.

Jimmy Kimmel convinced some guys to buy some truly terrible Valentine’s Day gifts for their spouses. Some of these are harsh!

-The second trailer for The Company You Keep has arrived. The crazy good cast is helping me overlook the LaBeouf-iness.

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