Megan Fox’s Brazilian Beer Commercial

-I can’t stop staring at Megan Fox‘s face in her new beer commercial. What has happened to it?!

Jeremy Renner looks like he’s about as excited to promote Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters as we are to see it.

-I fully expect Chris Brown to throw down over something as stupid as a parking spot, but Frank Ocean? That’s disappointing.

Helena Bonham Carter (aka – the best thing about Les Mis, which was full of good things) says she’s taking a break from acting to do the mom thing for a while.

Beyoncé is just messing with us at this point. Over the weekend, she Instagrammed a photo of herself wearing a shirt that says “Can I live?” (Everyone’s just mentally inserting the word ‘sing’ between ‘I’ and ‘live.’)

Michelle Williams says the Destiny’s Child reunion isn’t happening because she’s busy that day, which is all kinds of adorable!

Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore  are all returning for the next X Men movie. Did anyone else forget that Juno is in that franchise?

-NBC continues to put a leash on Ann Curry. Guess this means we have to move ‘watch her scratch Matt Lauer’s eyes out on live TV’ down to the bottom of our bucket lists.

-So, despite its insane cast, Movie 43 is just as bad as the trailer suggests. Here’s a rundown of all the gross crap the A-listers do in the film from Vulture, who watched it so you don’t have to.

-There was an Alias reunion at last night’s SAGs!

Taye Diggs not only looked super hot at the SAG Awards, he also returned home just in time to thwart a robbery.

-On last night’s SAGs red carpet, Tina Fey confirmed rumours she’s working on a Mean Girls musical!

-Here’s the Super Sweet Sixteen commercial Jennifer Lawrence referenced in her SAG acceptance speech. That’s a convincing freakout. She should talk to Tina about being in the musical.

-Meanwhile, I still don’t really understand what happened to Jennifer’s dress last night, but this replay makes it seem like it didn’t really rip (despite reports).  I think we just got a peek at the sheer panelling.

Diablo Cody is talking about her upcoming Sweet Valley High adaptation, which sounds like it’s made of awesome.

-Guys, Justin Bieber needs a hug!

The Walrus did an excellent profile of Lainey that’s well worth a read. Oddly enough, it makes a great companion piece to Seth Green‘s recent appearance on WTF, in which he discusses the rise of celebrity coverage at length.

-Here’s a new clip from the Smash premiere. Does anyone still care about that show?

-Speaking of shows we care about, here’s a great recap of the best 30 Rock episodes in anticipation of this week’s series finale. I’d also add “Rosemary’s Baby,” if only for Jack and Tracy‘s insanely perfect therapy session.

-The title of George Clooney‘s new movie has changed from 1952 to Tomorrowland. Frankly, it could be called Watch George Clooney Beat Up Old Ladies and I’d still be first in line.

Rick Ross made it out unscathed after a gunman opened fire on his car when Ross was returning from his birthday party. (His Rolls Royce, as well as some local businesses, weren’t so lucky.)

-I really wish I hadn’t seen this boob-y cover of Miley Cyrus on Cosmo.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady‘s new home has a moat. Of course it does!

Juno Temple is dating Kristen Stewart‘s ex, Michael Anagrano. I saw them together in a TIFF movie called The Brass Teaport, and they were all sorts of cute.

-I can’t believe that the first line of E’s story about Daniel Radcliffe’s new girlfriend is “Harry Potter must really have a magic wand.” Just…no.

-In other “ah, hells no!” news, Kris Jenner just got her own talk show.

200 years ago today one of the greatest novels of the English language was published. I’m digging all the love Jane Austen is getting today — and all the love The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is getting as a result! They took the story off YouTube in a big way this weekend (which meant I spent a lot of time at a fancy restaurant Saturday night trying to sneak furtive glances at new Twitter photos of Darcy). And their latest video is perfection. It gave me all the feels.

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