Arrested Development To Return in May

arrested-development-reunion (Fox)
-I spent a lot of time (a lot!) reading Tweets from TV critics who were at TCA’s Arrested Development panel today. What we learned: 14 new episodes will debut on Netflix in May, Micheal Cera has been working in the writers’ room(!), the episodes will vary in length, and we won’t see all of the characters together until the movie, which has pretty much been confirmed. I just blue myself.

Stacy Keibler will star alongside George Clooney in a commercial for his new tequila, proving their relationship is still going strong  — and that prayer doesn’t always work.

Mila Kunis made the unforgivable mistake of being spotted out in public wearing sweatpants more than once so now we must shame her, apparently.

-How cool would it be if this rumour about Postal Service reuniting turned out to be true?

-Another rumour comprised of 100% awesomesauce: Tina Fey might be in the Muppets sequel.

-Everyone (including myself) was skeptical when newbie Sam Claflin was cast as Finnick in the new Hunger Games movie, but this EW cover is sure to put some fears to rest.

-Is Brad Pitt wearing a wedding ring?

-It’s the day before the Oscar noms come out, which means it’s time for the Razzie nominations. Not surprisingly, Twilight and Adam Sandler lead the pack.

-I don’t watch The New Normal, but I’m sad I missed Matt Bomer‘s appearance last night solely because of this.

-Sources close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez say they’re over for good.

-Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan‘s career couldn’t stoop lower than Scary Movie 5 comes the trailer for InAPPropriate.

-God help me, but I kind of think Anne Hathaway‘s Saint Laurent Paris pantsuit is completely bomb dot com.

David Bowie’s new album is No 1 on the iTunes charts in 17 countries and it hasn’t even come out yet, because every once in a while humanity doesn’t suck.

The Hollywood Reporter published an excerpt of Lawrence Wright‘s new Scientology book, and the passage focuses on Tom Cruise following his split from Nicole Kidman. (And anyone who thinks The Master‘s association with Scientology was overstated needs to read the “touch the wall” passage on page 3.)

-Congrats to Rosie O’Donnell, who  just welcomed baby No. 5.

Michelle Williams made a cameo appearance on the season premiere of Cougar Town and it was HILARIOUS. “What-whatttt!”

Beyonce is showing off her non-existent tummy on the cover of GQ.

-Speaking of covers, I love love love this one of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. (I also have a feeling that their Golden Globes drinking game is going to be a big part of my life Sunday night…)

-No, Katherine McPhee. Your show is returning, which means this is supposed to be when you try to make us not hate you.

Jennifer Aniston made a smash on Jimmy Kimmel last night by sledgehammering his desk.

-Meanwhile, Jimmy got more celebs to read more mean Tweets about themselves. Bryan Cranston, of course, owns it.

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