Did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Break Up?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in Tokyo. (Facebook.com)
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in Tokyo. (Facebook.com)

-Brace yourself for some pearl-clutching news: Jelena have once again split.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has revealed the 10 things that are on his mind while writing the series finale. Unfortunately, “don’t kill Jesse!” isn’t one of them…

-“Rooting for other people’s failure DOES get in the way of your success,” the always-wise Amy Poehler says in her latest Ask Amy video.

-Meanwhile, Amy and Tina Fey awkwardly answer questions about the Golden Globes in a new promo vid.

-Orange County’s KDOC-TV hosted a live NYE broadcast for the first time this year — and judging by the f-bomb/fist-fight-riddled results, it’ll be their last. Jessi Cruickshank deserves so much better than this!

-If a director needs to respond to negative reviews, at least they should handle it like Quentin Tarantino just did: have an intelligent, thought-out discussion.

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly threw a hissyfit (or, as one UK tab adorably calls it, a “strop”) when he was forced to stick around at a nightclub for more than 10 minutes on NYE, even though that’s exactly what he was being paid to do.

Jimmy Kimmel just can’t stop slamming Jay Leno. I think I love him.

-On last night’s LettermanKathy Griffin defended her attempt to kiss Anderson Cooper‘s junk on live TV.

-Speaking of late-night TV, Jennifer Lawrence is hosting SNL on Jan. 19.

-I tuned out of American Horror Story awhile ago, but this sequence of Jessica Lange singing “The Name Game” is pretty boss.

-In the new issue of Glamour, Zooey Deschanel basically just rephrased the awesome speech her New Girl character once gave Lizzy Caplan‘s character by declaring “I want to be a f*cking feminist and wear a f*cking Peter Pan collar. So f*cking what?”

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana reportedly broke up again (at least, until his mother convinces him to take her back. Or award season ends.)

-I did a whole lotta vigorous nodding the entire time I was reading this blog post on why The Big Bang Theory no longer deserves the critical acclaim (or ratings) it gets.

-In other TV criticism news, I got Alan Sepinwall‘s self-published book The Revolution Was Televised for xmas and have been thoroughly enjoying it, so I’m thrilled to hear that a traditional publisher has picked it up. If you’re looking for a thoughtful examination of 12 of the best TV shows of our time, this book is for you.

Anthony Bourdain got bored and live-tweeted iCarly, making me wish he got bored more often.

Nicki Minaj worries American Idol will make her “too famous.” Blerg.

-Lena Dunham un-ironically struck up a Twitter friendship with Taylor Swift, causing her followers to go batshit.

-Meanwhile, Lena forgot her pants while posing for V magazine. (Of course the photos were taken by Terry Richardson.)

Kristen Stewart also posed for the latest issue of V.

-Uh oh. Is Britney Spears up to her old (incoherent) tricks?

-I’ve become a big fan of Nick Kroll thanks to his appearances on Comedy Bang Bang! and this clip from Rich Dicks is not changing my mind.

Romeo Beckham runs amok in his new Burberry commercial. All of those words make me really sad.

-Any positive New Year’s resolutions Amanda Bynes may have had were probably broken by this Instagrammed photo of her boobs.

Lea Michele rang in the new year with boyfriend Cory Monteith in Hawaii.

-Aw nuts. Writer Megan Ganz is leaving Community.

-The trailer for Scary Movie 5 is out. I don’t know which is more terrifying: that this film got green-lit, or Lindsay Lohan’s face in it. (Especially because she’s actually been looking good lately.)

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