Mila Kunis Wins 2012’s Sexiest Photo Title

Mila Kunis covers the November 2012 issue of Esquire.
Mila Kunis covers the November 2012 issue of Esquire.

-In what I can only assume was a highly scientific poll, Mila Kunis’ topless Esquire cover was named the sexiest photo of 2012 by a UK tabloid.

The Wanted are still not sick of Lindsay Lohan yet.

-Do yourself a favour and carve out some time to read Vanity Fair‘s oral history of Freaks & Geeks. They managed to reunite the entire cast for the photo shoot.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are getting us all worked up for their soon-to-be-unveiled wedding photos with these cozy pap shots.

Taylor Swift’s beatboxing is pretty much as cringe-worthy as you assumed it would be.

Demi Moore went a little nutso on a recent night out and embarrassed Lenny Kravitz, who happened to end up in her orbit. (It’s never a good sign when the photos leave Stacy Keibler looking like the most reasonable person in the room.)

-Speaking of the Keibler elf, she’s denying reports that she was trying to land an Idol gig.

-In news that is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts, Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito are “working” on their relationship.

-Dammit. I hate it when Victoria’s Secret models make me like them, but Miranda Kerr was crazy charming on Craig Ferguson‘s show this week.

-Ever wonder what it would look like if Saved By Bell‘s  Zack Morris pitched his friendship bracelet business on Shark Tank? Wonder no more!

-My buddies at the National Post made a crazy comprehensive graphic of all the zombie kills so far on The Walking Dead. Awesomeness!

-Can you imagine how sad your life must be to go out clubbing alone? Amanda Bynes can.

Jessica Biel talks about swimming naked with Justin Timberlake because what else is she going to talk about? Her career?

-In this week’s EW, celebrities pay tribute to their favourite pop culture moments of 2012, and Jon Hamm wrote a lovely piece about Lena Dunham, which was accompanied by her best photo shoot yet.

Drew Barrymore explained why she named her baby Olive on today’s episode of Ellen. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with “the other reindeer.”

-Meanwhile, rumour has it that she’s going to sell her baby photos to People.

-The first trailer for Star Trek: Into the Darkness landed today, resulting in a worldwide productivity decrease of 420%. Also: CUMBERBATCH!


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