Angus T. Jones Begs Us to Not Watch Two and a Half Men. Done!

-In a new video about religion (I think?), Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones calls the show “filth” and urges you to stop watching it. It’s strange; he wasn’t complaining when he became the highest paid child star in TV, earning $300k per ep with a $500k signing bonus during contract negotiations in 2010.

-In case you missed the national tragedy that was Liz & Dick, Gawker has put together a supercut of Lindsay Lohan’s worst moments.

-Meanwhile, Lilo is reportedly “devastated” by the vicious reviews. What did she expect?! I’ve seen better emoting from a coffee pot.

-In happier(?) Lindsay news, Charlie Sheen reportedly gave her $100k to pay off her tax bills.

-In case you somehow weren’t convinced that Channing Tatum is a stand-up guy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt revealed that he got supportive emails from the Magic Mike star when JGL was spoofing him on SNL.

Beyonce is going to direct her own biography. Is there nothing she can’t do?!

Blake Lively‘s wedding photos won’t hit newsstands until Dec. 24. On the plus side, now you have something to distract you from the family drama.

Chris Brown deleted his Twitter count, but not before throwing some truly horrific remarks a comedienne’s way. And now his followers are sending her death threats ’cause stupid breeds stupid.

-In other depressing Chris Brown news, Rihanna tweeted a picture on Saturday of him on her bed.

-Speaking of Rihanna, I really liked this article on the promotion of her latest album. “You wonder if anyone’s made sure that Rihanna is OK.” Word.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes spent a cuddly Thanksgiving in NYC.

Andrew W.K. has been appointed the U.S. cultural ambassador to Bahrain. No, really. (Oh crap. The State Dept. just announced they’re backing out of the arrangement. Killjoys.)

Justin Bieber doesn’t like it when you imply he’s white trash for wearing overalls to meet the prime minister, mmm-kay?

-In case you ever wanted to see Justin get punched in the face, it’s your lucky day (sorta).

Cee-Lo Green has a new Christmas video (boo!) but it features Muppets (yay!).

-In a new interview, Oprah reveals a recent breast cancer scare and says she may shut down her magazine because she “hates bleeding money.”

Lea Michele spent Thanksgiving snowboarding in Whistler with Cory Monteith.

-Meanwhile, Lea looks fab in the new issue of Flare.

-Speaking of glamorous photo shoots, check out little Abigail Breslin looking all grown up!

Demi Lovato just got a huge new tattoo (or 12 little ones, depending on how you look at it.)

-This is supposedly Amanda Bynes. No word why she’d dressed like Fergie during her chola/Wild Orchid days.

-If someone had to team up to sing about cockroach sex, I guess I’m glad it’s Iggy Pop and Ke$ha.

The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus (Daryl) is 45? Crazypants! He’s still hot — and still has great taste in music.

-A new Les Mis trailer has landed. Also, early reviews are trickling in and they are beyond gushing. Yay!

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