Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson After Tom Cruise Split

Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in "Dawson's Creek." (The WB)
Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson in “Dawson’s Creek.” (The WB)

Joshua Jackson is fanning the Pacey/Joey ‘shipper flames by revealing that Katie Holmes called him after her divorce.

-The cast of Full House (minus the twins) gathered in LA this weekend to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. And no celebration is ever complete without lip-synching to NKOTB.

-Being pals with Justin Bieber has its advantages (besides access to an endless supply of hair product). Sean Kingston says the Biebs gave him his $100k chrome-plated Fisker Karma because he was bored with it.

-Sweet! The new Mountain Goats album is streaming here.

Eric Stonestreet is denying those reports that he’s dating Charlize Theron – in the pretty hilarious way.

-I was chatting with my pal Joan about earlier today: what is it about Jon Hamm that makes it impossible for him to take a good photo? He’s a handsome dude; it shouldn’t be this hard.

-Riddle me this: when Damien Lewis won the Best Actor Emmy last night, did Michael C. Hall mouth “It should be me” during the acceptance speech? (At the 1:07 mark.) That’s the rumour, but I can’t tell.

-Speaking of the Emmys, why does Julie Bowen look like she’s about to shove her tongue down Sofia Vergara‘s throat in every party photo? Not that’d we’d blame her.

-Also, James van der Beek‘s wife wore this to the Emmys. On purpose.

-My love for Aaron Paul is well-documented, but I worry about him. I’m with Lainey on this one — he seems way more into his fiancee than she’s into him. And last night, he was soo over the top. I always flash back to this Bryan Cranston quote about how he worries that Aaron falls too quickly, too deeply.  “He’s that guy. It happened a couple of times, and then the next young lady who he brought around I was like, ‘Take your time.’ And he was like —whispering—  ’I know, I know I’m just crazy about her.'”

Kanye West’s people have confirmed that there’s a sex tape of him being shopped around. Maybe two.

-This video of Flavor Flav meeting Miley Cyrus and repeatedly calling her Gwen Stefani is amazing.

-Here’s the first official (and very veiny) image of Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis spent another weekend in full PDA mode.

Beyonce dared to show the tiniest hint of a tummy, so now baby bump watch is on.

-I was highly amused by Billie Joe Armstrong‘s onstage tantrum this weekend, though it’s less amusing now that I know he checked into rehab shortly after.

Chevy Chase had found new ways to disparage Community. Goodie.

Aubry Plaza and her male Parks & Rec costars star in a new Wizard of Oz spoof. You have to pay to watch the video (all proceeds go to charity) and judging by these stills, it’s totally worth it.

Lindsay Lohan is planning to sue her hit-and-run accuser for defamation. It’s cute that she thinks she still has a reputation worth protecting.

Amy Heckerling has reteamed with her Clueless star Alicia Silverstone for a new movie — and the results look awesome. Finally, a vampire movie that’s intentionally funny!

-Hollywood is going to make Mandy Moore a sitcom star if it kills her. She just landed yet another pilot.

-The trailer for Gus Van Sant‘s Promised Land is out, and it looks great, with Matt Damon playing the anti-Erin Brokovich.

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