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September 10, 2012

Fall TV Preview: Last Resort

Scott Speedman and Daisy Betts in Last Resort. (ABC)
Scott Speedman and Daisy Betts in Last Resort. (ABC)

(I’m still swamped with TIFF, so regular blogging won’t resume until the end of the week. Be sure to check out @jen_mcdonnell and MSN.ca for all my TIFF updates.

In the meantime, my BFF Nicole and I have been IM’ing about the five buzziest fall TV shows. Check out our previous posts on Elementary and The Mindy Project. Today’s target: Last Resort!)

Premieres: Sept. 27 @ 8 p.m. on ABC and Global

Up Against: The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Vampire Diaries, X Factor, Up All Night, Two and a Half Men

Premise: Andre Braugher plays the captain of a ballistic missile submarine who gets a suspicious order to bomb Pakistan. He and his second in command (Scott Speedman) refuse to do it, and their belief that the White House has been compromised is confirmed when their sub is fired upon by a fellow US ship. They escape to neutral waters around a tropical island and warn that if their government takes further action against them, they will retaliate with a nuclear missile aimed at Washington.

Our Take:

Jen: Let’s talk about Last Resort, which is probably my favourite new show of the season.
Nicole: I don’t get it. I don’t see where they’re going to go with this show. They’re just supposed to park a submarine off a tropical island and hang out until their own government stops trying to kill them? Or maybe it’s only one season?
Jen: No, it’s supposed to be an ongoing drama. That was my only issue, too. Where do they go in episode 2, let alone episode 22?
Nicole: I’m afraid it will soon stop being realistic like Lost, which frankly, I abandoned pretty quickly. The same thing happened with Jericho, which I also stuck with for only a few episodes.
Jen: I stuck with Lost, for better or worse, but I hear what you’re saying.
Nicole: I liked the premiere and I thought the chemistry was good, but I doubt I’ll still be watching in November.
Jen: I guess the way to keep it interesting is to better explain the government conspiracy, which could get juicy (as long as the people on the sub are still engaged and in contact with the real world).
Nicole: I guess Autumn Reeser’s character in Washington can become their connection.
Jen: And some of the guys on the sub are obviously in on the conspiracy, so there’ll be that angle, too.
Nicole: Oh yes, OBVIOUSLY. (What are you talking about?)
Jen: Well, those shady guys they picked up at the beginning of the episode were clearly keeping something from the crew. And when Andre Braugher’s character refused the launch order, half of his men threatened mutiny, so there could be some possible government moles there.
Nicole: You just like it because Scott Speedman is in it.
Jen: Yeah, I fully admit my blind love for Ben Covington. I’m not going to lie: one of the reasons I like this show is that they end up on a tropical island, which must mean he’ll probably be shirtless a lot.
Nicole: Hahahaha.
Jen: This is my new fall TV criteria: hot guys in shirtless situations on islands.
Nicole: Oh geez. So then you must love Arrow, right?
Jen: Speaking of hot guys on tropical islands…
Nicole: Actually, you really just love hot CANADIAN guys in shirtless situations on islands.
Jen: I’m patriotic that way.