Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reuniting at Twilight Premiere?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a scene from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a scene from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. (Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson has reportedly agreed to walk the Twilight red carpet with Kristen Stewart “to save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her.” And also probably because he’s contractually obligated to do so…

-It sounds sketchy, but this report that KStew is reading about Gandhi (“who she decided to find out more about after watching Eat, Pray, Love“) actually made me do a spit take, so I love it whether it’s true or not!

-Meanwhile, RPattz  acquitted himself quite well on Kimmel last night, no?

Kathie Lee Gifford says she witnessed firsthand Taylor Swift‘s wedding crashery. Gasp!

-Have Aaron Sorkin and Kristen Davis split up? Oh great, now The Newsroom‘s female characters are going to become even more shrill.

-Yay! Breaking Bad‘s Gale just landed a new show. Let’s hope it involves karaoke.

Dave Grohl continues to be the nicest person in the history of music.

January Jones is dating her director, who looks like he can’t quite believe he landed her. Us neither, buddy.

-A new Christina Aguilera song has leaked, for the two people out there who may care.

-First V convinced Nicole Kidman to show off her cleave, now they got Celine Dion to go topless.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield got all PDA’y during his birthday beach day. Awww…

David Fincher is no longer attached to direct Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra.  Maybe one of her kids can do it?

Lindsay Lohan says she’s sick of the press spreading lies (LIES!) about her.

Liberty Ross made her first public appearance (sans wedding ring) since her husband publicly dry-humped Snow White. On the plus(?) side, what are the chances she would have been photographed on a red carpet pre-scandal?

Malin Akerman just scored the part of Tessa’s mom on Subugatory.

Jay-Z is suing his club’s former sous chef for $1.5 million dollars over a secret chicken wing recipe. Totally worth it.

Community may have fired Dan Harmon, but they didn’t fire his ideas.

Chloe Moretz gets the pig’s blood treatment in this new photo from the Carrie remake.

Christina Hendrick‘s purse is adorable — which is exactly what a $23,980 should be.

-Here’s the new trailer for Rachel McAdam‘s Passion, which I’m hoping to score TIFF tickets to. Fingers crossed!

-I was really excited to see a new clip from Little Birds, until I realized it’s not based on the Anais Nin book. Still, a Juno Temple movie is never a bad thing.

-Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara gets her Lucille Ball on in this new photo.

-What a shocker: Bachelorette Emily Maynard‘s new relationship is reportedly already in trouble.

-Netflix is planning to launch the new Arrested Development in spring 2013.

-The first trailer for Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner‘s Butter, which premiered last year at TIFF, has landed. Looks quirky cute!

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