Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says He Was Too “Snobby” To Go To Prom

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in GQ.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in GQ. Credit: Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ

-In his new interview with GQ, Joseph Gordon-Levitt proves he’s pretty much the only person in the universe who can gush about how curation “is the art form of the twenty-first century” without making me roll my eyes. Much.

-If you missed out on the recent Twitter four-way between Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown, The Help’s Octavia Spencer, Parks and Recreation‘s Retta, and True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello, you’re probably going to want to drop everything and read it. Like, now.

Tom Cruise and Suri have reunited. Anyone else betting there’s a puppy in her immediate future?

-Meanwhile, the car Katie Holmes and Suri were driving in was side-swiped by a dumptruck.

Zach Galifianakis is sporting a black eye for reasons unknown.

-When weird/twee meets weird/dirty: Wes Anderson‘s next film will star Johnny Depp.

-I really, really want to love The Newsroom, but this week’s episode may have lost me forevs. Why are all the women so damn obnoxious? And how is caring about what celebrities wore to the People’s Choice Awards the sign of a terrible human being, but calling a woman you just met a “bitch” heroic? Donne moi un break.

-The new Passion Pit album is streaming in full at NPR.

Anne Hathaway knows that her new movie is going to blow away the box office for the rest of the summer, right? She doesn’t have to do stuff like this.

-At least Anne looked amazeballs at last night’s Dark Knight Rises premiere.

-I wasn’t as enthralled with Louis CK’s response to Tosh-gate as the rest of the world seems to be, but that’s mostly because I bristled at his “feminists can’t take a joke” comment — which I guess proves his point. Dude, please go back to talking about sad handjobs and stop giving me reasons for serious introspection.

Casper Smart says his relationship with Jennifer Lopez wasn’t “love at first sight.” Was it “love at first glance of her bank statement?”

-Joss Stone claims she’s broke. On the plus side, she doesn’t seem to spend much on shoes.

-There’s a Coachella cruise? And Girl Talk, Hot Chip and Pulp will be on it? Can I exchange next year’s festival ticket for this instead?!

-There’s a new promo poster for The New Girl. Bangs are a major theme.

Weird Al is hosting a pretty hilarious YouTube show called Face to Face (tagline: “we talk to the celebrities of the world so you don’t have to!”). This week’s “guests:” Robert Pattinson and Pierce Bronsan.

-Vulture is guessing at six possible ways Breaking Bad could end. I’m going on the record and guessing No. 4.

Emma Roberts is dating the creepy, creepy dude from American Horror Story (who is probably not so creepy in real life. I hope.)

-We heard the song yesterday, and now here’s the video for No Doubt‘s new single.

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