Is Katie Holmes Getting Too Much Love?

Katie Holmes on the cover of People and Us Weekly.
Katie Holmes on the cover of People and Us Weekly.

-Everyone (myself included) has been praising Katie Holmes‘ handling of the split, and rightly so. By all accounts, she completely blindsided Tom Cruise and created such negative backlash against his “religion” (without actually publicly denouncing it in any way), that he had no choice but to agree to a speedy settlement and try to make it all go away. I never thought she was a great actress, but she’s playing the part of the fearless mama bear to perfection. But this week’s gushing cover stories are making me worry for her. Us Weekly insists Tom is “desperate” to keep her quiet, while People‘s reporting on her great escape is so breathless, I’m surprised they didn’t Photoshop a superhero cape onto her cover photo. If she has any superpower, it’s her ability to play the media (and quite transparently), without really being called on it. But I’m starting to worry that all the effusive, over-the-top gushing might come back and bite her in the ass soon. How long can Saint Katie be shoved down our throats before the tide starts to turn?

-On the plus side, Tom‘s team is still floundering. His lawyer is playing the heartbroken card in an exclusive statement to RadarOnline(!), and shining a huge spotlight on the National Enquirer‘s “house of horror” cover story by threatening to sue over it.

-Now that Steven Tyler is outJennifer Lopez is probably next, and Randy Jackson may follow, who’ll be in the Idol judges’ chairs next season? One possibility: Charlie Sheen. Another: Mariah Carey. That’s a whole lotta high maintenance cray!

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler‘s eurotrip continues. Now they’re breaking my heart in Switzerland.

-The most terrifying headline of the day: “Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey Have a Slumber Party.”

Kristen Chenoweth has been released from the hospital after that accident on The Good Wife set.

-The Twilight cast convened on Comic-Con to talk Breaking Dawn: Part 2, but everyone ended up talking about Kristen Stewart‘s tight, white t-shirt.  Where did those come from?

-Speaking of Comic Con, The Hollywood Reporter gathered David Boreanaz, Joshua Jackson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Carpenter and Lucy Liu to talk about what it’s like to be on a cult TV show.

-I’m devouring Gone Girl right now. It’s great and I’m thrilled that it was just optioned, but I’m not sure I see Reese Witherspoon in the lead role.

-Is Demi Moore no longer on speaking terms with her daughters?

-I’m slowly making my way through the fall TV pilots and haven’t watched Mindy Kalling‘s show yet, but this new promo looks promising.

-If this blind item is about who I think it is, it makes me sad. Mad too, but mostly sad.

-The Dark Knight Rises trailer is great. The Dark Knight Rises trailer voiced by Pee-Wee Herman is greater.

Snooki‘s planned baby name is…not as bad as it could have been.

-Speaking of babies, are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem expecting another one?

Chris Martin screwed up a song in the middle of a Coldplay concert…and was all kinds of cute about it.

Bryan Cranston warns we “will shit uncontrollably” while watching the new season of Breaking Bad. Um, yay?

-Meanwhile, GQ‘s interview with Aaron Paul is all kinds of great. He and his fiancée’s first kiss was on the Coachella Ferris wheel? I’m melting!

-The always-awesome Amy Poehler is starring in a new Ask Amy series on Smart Girls at the Party, in which she answers questions sent in by teen girls. Is it weird that I kind of want her to adopt me?

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