Tom Cruise Wears the Lifts, But Katie Holmes Wears the Pants

-When I think of Katie Holmes, I think of the girl blubbering to Dawson about her “weird feelings” and re-reading The Little Mermaid instead of having sex with Pacey, not someone who could ever be called the ‘biggest nightmare in Scientology history.’ Big ups to little Joey Potter!

-Did Katie hint at the upcoming split in a recent interview with Elle?

-Meanwhile, Katie is certainly not hiding from the press. She was spotted out and about with Suri in NYC again, this time at a museum. She’s actually using the paparazzi for protection! Oh, and she just announced that she’ll be showing her clothing line at Fashion Week. I think I’m developing a girl crush…

-The Tom/Katie split is throwing some unexpected sympathy Nicole Kidman’s way.

-Uh-oh. Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on the rocks? But who will he share his fondue with?!

Britney Spears looks happy and healthy while celebrating the fourth of July in Hawaii with her fam.

Ben Affleck also looks happy celebrating the 4th — and underdressed.

-Speaking of underdressed, Lady Gaga wore a bra and velvet cape for a recent coffee run. That seems totally appropriate!

Seth Meyers may take over as Kelly Ripa‘s fulltime cohost on Live!

Jessica Simpson is denying false reports she’s launching a bridal line. Stop giving her ideas, false reports!

-Congrats to Matthew McConaughey (or Dallas, as I will be calling him from now on). He’s expecting baby No. 3.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP is promoting a plain white $90 tshirt. But she calls it “essential” so it must be totally worth it.

-A newly redheaded Lindsay Lohan is spending a lot of time with costar/porn star James Deen. Of course she is!

Tina Fey rapping. That is all.

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