Katie Holmes Moves Out, On

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise divorce

-It certainly didn’t take long for the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce to get to the good stuff! Katie is totally winning the publicity war without saying a word; she’s letting everyone else do the talking/speculation for her. When she’s coming off as just trying to save her daughter from being shipped off to Sea Org (even if the Church claims they’d never allow it), when it’s reported that everyone surrounding her in the past five years was placed there and controlled by her husband, when Rupert Murdoch is tweeting his support for her and People magazine is taking her side, you know she’s doing something right. She doesn’t even need to write the tell-all at this point; it’s writing itself. (But don’t you still hope she does?!) In any case, she’s moved out with Suri to a new NYC apartment, she’s been photographed without her ring, and she just shot a guest appearance on Project Runway, while Tom hasn’t been able to pull is shit together long enough to say more than that pat “deeply saddened” statement from three days ago.  This girl just became my new hero.

Alec Baldwin is a married man. The 30 Rock star wed on Saturday in a ceremony attended by Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Woody Allen.

-That wasn’t the only big development in Alec’s life this weekend. He also quit Twitter.

-The Drake/Chris Brown fight continues. Oh goodie.

-Meanwhile, Chris got a giant wolf tattoo on his neck. That’s sure to make him more approachable.

-Poor Beyonce had to pretend not to hate being seated next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the BET Awards.

-Good on Anderson Cooper, who just came out — not on a mag cover or in a flashy TV interview, but in an email.

-It’s getting harder and harder to pretend that something isn’t happening between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — but that’s not going to stop me from still trying!

James Franco is going to be in Playboy! (Not like that, though.)

-Whoa. Naomi Watts makes a really convincing Princess Diana.

Justin Bieber graduates! Justin Bieber graduates! (It just doesn’t have the same ring…)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have taken their hot, swimsuit-clad bodies to Capri.

Mel Gibson‘s xmas card list just keeps getting shorter and shorter. His stepmother has requested a restraining order after claiming he spit in her face.

-Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin is hoping Mel will someday guest on his podcast.

Kelis‘ milkshake doesn’t just bring all the boys to the yard — it’s also brought the IRS.

-Now that you’ve already seen Magic Mike (you did, right?), how are you going to go on living when you’re no longer anticipating seeing Magic Mike? Vulture has some tips.

-HBO just renewed True Blood and The Newroom, while TNT renewed Dallas.

-Speaking of TV, EW has an exclusive, 90-second clip from the Breaking Bad premiere. Squee!

-Congrats to Josh Lucas, who just welcomed his first son.

Andrew Garfield says he has a crush on Ryan Gosling. Get in line, buddy!

-Uh oh. The Dwight spin-off of The Office is still a go. How is this a good idea?

Prison Break’s Lane Garrison just broke out of prison (and by ‘broke out’ I mean ‘was released through the proper channels.’)

-The trailer for The Sessions looks great (though to be fair, I’m pretty much committed to watching anything with John Hawkes in it, no matter how it looks.)

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