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June 26, 2012

Megan Fox Shows Off Baby Bump in Bikini

Megan Fox in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
Still of Megan Fox in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Megan Fox showed off her bikini-clad baby bump in these frame-worthy paparazzi shots. Man, if my “candids” looked like that, I’d live on Instagram.

-Now that Miley Cyrus is engaged, everyone’s parsing her Tweets for clues about the big day. Despite Tweeting about next week being “filled with happiness,” don’t expect her to be getting hitched anytime soon.

Robert Pattinson is already famous for being an actor/boyfriend/singer/mumbler/keeper of The Hair, but now he’s adding another credential to his resume: wedding DJ. And that’s not all — he was accompanied by a rapping Zac Efron. For the love of gawd, where’s the YouTube video of this?!

-I don’t watch Downton Abbey (I know, I know), but this sneak peek at Shirley MacLaine’s guest spot is sure to make some of you happy.

Blue Ivy Carter has just been named an honourary citizen of Croatia. She’s five months old. And what have you done today?

-The date for Kim Kardashian‘s divorce trial will soon be set — as soon as her lawyers finally finish deposing Kris Humphries. They should hire The Good Wife; she gets that crap wrapped before the first commercial break.

Lady Gaga deserves some sort of medal for remaining upright in these shoes.

-I’m counting down the days until I see Magic Mike (just two more sleeps!!), but at least I have this old footage of Channing Tatum stripping to tide me over.

-I keep trying to love Aaron Sorkin (the man created both Sports Night and CJ Cregg!), but he keeps making it really, really hard.

-Meanwhile, he’s copying himself.

-Friends without benefits Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were spotted together again.

Chris Pine says he won’t be playing Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. Wait, was that even a possibility?!

-Terrible: 45 years after ruling it an accident, cops have determined that actor Dylan McDermott‘s mother was murdered.

Joshua Jackson is going all Bieber on us and saying “never say never” when it comes to marrying Diane Kruger.

Willow Smith has everyone clutching their pearls after posting a pic that shows off her new tongue ring, but it’s probably fake, seeing as she’s only 11.

-The trailer for Dredd has landed. Looks like the film is aptly named.

David Letterman Mocks Justin Bieber on ‘The Late Show’

Justin Bieber David Letterman
Justin Bieber talks with David Letterman on The Late Show. (photo: CBS)



David Letterman hilariously hassled Justin Bieber last night for having too many tattoos (and then hassled him even more for calling the Sistine Chapel the “Sixteenth Chapel.”)

The Biebz had more fun with Jimmy Fallon when they battled to

see who’s more awesome. Side note: can “hand hugs” be a real thing?

-Tentative congrats to Shakira, who’s reportedly expecting her first kidlet.

-Talk about a marriage made in hipster heaven! Giovanni Ribisi wed model Agyness Deyn, even though they’d just started dating in the last hour or so.

-Odd: Patrick Wilson just signed on to play Lena Dunham‘s potential love interest in Girls. (This follows news that Donald Glover may also play her potential love interest, proving that this girl knows what she’s doing when she’s casting guys she’d like to make out with.)

-In other odd casting news, goth rocker Marilyn Manson will star in the new season of Californication.

-Scandal! A fellow dancer claims Casper Smart is gay and just using Jennifer Lopez for fame.

-The Chris Brown/Drake bar brawl dramaz just won’t let up. Now Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for the eye injury he suffered during the melee.

Joe Manganiello has shot down those rumours that he’s dating Demi Moore, giving false hope to women everywhere. (Not me, though. My hope is totally legit!)

-Surprise! James Marsden is becoming a daddy for the third time with Brazilian model Rose Costa, whom he dated briefly (possibly only for one night) after splitting from his wife. For most other actors, this would be a major bombshell, but I’m betting this will slide under the radar for the awesomly work-focused, paparazzi-avoiding Marsden.

-Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill and his Victoria’s Secret model wife Lily Aldridge welcomed a new daughter, whom they’ve adorably named Dixie Pearl.

-My favourite Hollywood odd couple, Aaron Johnson and Sam Tayl

or-Wood, just got hitched! In celebration, I’ll be watching the recently released Harold and Maude bluray.

-Everytime I read an interview or quote from Aaron Paul, I melt a little. If he keeps this up, I’m going to be nothing but vapor.

Blake Lively has just been named the boobs face of Gucci’s new perfume.

Vulture ranked all 38 of Aaron Sorkin’s television characters. I would have put Sports Night‘s Dana a bit higher, because she’s made of awesome sauce.

-A new Dexter promo has surfaced.